UberPool FAQ: Riders questions answered in detail

We have written several articles about UberPool, and we won't return to them here. Instead, we will concentrate on a question and answer session, putting making this light article easy to read and easy to understand. Enjoy.

Q.1. What is the difference between UberPool and UberX?

A. UberPool is a shared ride with other passengers, you share the ride and the fee, so it's a cheaper option. UberPool will pick up a number of passengers from their locations and drop them off at similar destination locations along the way. UberX is a private car service; you don't share the ride with anyone.

Since it is effectively only one ride, as all the fares are joined together to pay on the final amount. Sure, drivers do get a slightly bigger income, but per fare, you are getting more hassle, and they are driving around for a long time having to deal with irate passengers and traffic. The other factor is the parking for each pickup, finding a place to park or stand for every passenger is not as easy as it sounds, especially when police are prowling around and also weaving in and out of traffic can be problematic. The driver has to concentrate more, look out more and be aware of everything while dealing with a growing load of passengers.

Q2. How do you book an UberPool Ride?

A. In the app, request a destination and make sure it is correct, once a destination is set you cannot change it. This is due to the algorithm that outlines a directional multi-passenger service, all points on the map are set for minimum driving irregularities, this reduces time and confusion. The system will send each rider their place on the pick-up list, riders can add an accompanying passenger, and once the total of four passengers is met, the pool will be closed and ready for service.

Q.3. How long will you wait for a Ride?

A. The maximum waiting time for a pickup is two minutes, so make sure you are waiting for the car and not the other way around. If you do not reach the ride within two minutes, the driver will drive off.

Pool driving is not for the faint of heart. The stress levels are high, and you have to consider that every pool ride is going to be the same. One scenario which may have been in is the late pickup cancellation when you arrive at a pickup, and there is no place to park. The driver double parks, causing traffic problems, the cops are not there, but angry drivers are, honking and cursing at him. He will call the passenger; maybe he is #4, and he tells him that he must cancel if he doesn't get in within 5 seconds, the fare refuses to cancel, and won't be ready for another 3 minutes. You and other passengers are irate too; you hate to wait as much as anyone else does. Usually, the driver will cancel the ride and drive off. Bottom line, don't be late!

Q.4. Will Surge Pricing Apply to a ride?

A. Surge pricing does apply to Pool rides, the whole concept of a pool ride is that it is cheaper than an UberX ride, but having stated this. The UberPool is a shared payment ride so that the price might be higher due to Surge pricing, but it will be lower due to fare sharing.

Since this ride is priced at public transport levels, it creates more congestion on public lane's as more and more pool cars converge with their loads. More cars and added to the same level of public transport lead to more congestion. This is an unfortunate side effect of all pool ridesharing, so be patient when traveling in congestion and rush hours.

Q.5. How many Passengers per Pool Ride?

A. That depends on the vehicle if it's an UberX car then only four if it's an UberXL car then up to six, which is the maximum.

Q.6. What are Secondary Trips?

A. A secondary trip is the next pickup on the list. When the first passenger books a ride, all the remaining passengers are termed secondary trips.

Q.7. Can I change a Pickup or Drop off Destination?

A. No, once a ride has been booked it cannot be changed, only canceled. If you cancel a ride, you can book a new one. The reason for this is due to navigation planning. The trip is calculated per pick up and destination point, so any changes will upset this and cause serious navigational issues.

Q.8. Is pool driving safer than UberX driving?

The big "what if." What if everyone is happy and sing "kumbaya," sure, never happens. Since these are a group of different people, converging together in a confined space, it can lead to some heated discussions. Especially when discussing political issues, although you do get some interesting heated arguments on any number of subjects such as religion, technology, sex, sport, it just takes one jerk to be stubborn and loud, and the whole situation will spin out of hand. So, we suggest that if you do meet such a person, your Pool nemesis, try to ignore him/her and smile. The ride will be over soon, and you can mention the incident in the rating section so that the driver will know in future about the incident and passenger in question.

Safe driving is a must, but when the driver's concentration is split between a herd of angry passengers and an ever-increasing traffic jungle, add to that their apps and entertainment system, the driver needs to know where their eyes and hands will be at every given moment. Now, consider that the driver needs to change lanes in all of this. Pool riding is not for a beginner, it even taxes the most experienced driver, unless the driver was a bus or passenger van driver in the past, passengers should consider this and not tax the driver with unnecessary issues.