UberEats Miami Pays More Than Uberx

Why do Drivers hate UberEats? Down here in Miami FL it pays more per mile than UberX plus a pickup and drop-off fee. They are usually short distances for a quick pay for me.

I will never ever pay to park to pick up food, and never ever pay to deliver your food come down curbside if you want your food

Parking in SF is nonexistent. Then you have to trudge into the building, up 10 or more floors ( I once delivered to the 45th floor), and no tip. Not to mention having to park blocks away.

No thank you.

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It’s always been, but they are trying to discreetly change that they used to have the advertisement with the customer coming to the car.the only way I go to the door is single family homes, no apartment, condo, office building.I’ve been doing eats for seven months.The customers aren’t used to it but most who are regulars all no to come outside.I think uber got bad feedback from the customer, but O well.I can’t wait until it rains, and uber can’t cover the calls. I’m not getting out of my car in the rain for peanuts.when it rains I shut Ubereats off, and know several other drivers that do the same thing.

Here in Atlanta, it was worth it when the rate was higher, but now it’s lower, they take more from the trip if that’s all you do (i have uber eats the only acct and uberx acct that doesn’t have eats). No tips. The food is never ready. Most communities in the city are high rises and gated so getting to them is a pain. Not worth it in Atlanta anymore.

Because there are better options with postmasters and grub hub that encourage tips not tell the customers no tip necessary

It just came to our market a couple of weeks ago. Today I went online and just left my phone on my desk around lunch time. I work downtown. Got an Eats request a couple of blocks away, and the delivery was also a few blocks away. Took me 15 minutes. Paid $4.50 and she tipped me $4. So $8.50 for 15 min and right back to work

Big fat hell no! The first time my app locked up, no customer address, had to call the helpline, get the address (app still down), make drop off wait an hour no reply from helpline (fixing supposedly) ended up deleting the app, reinstalling, works. They call and gave me a whole 5.41$ for my lost hour, and informed me this was normal, and they are working on it. Decided to run a few last nights, see if it’s working. My car stinks of garlic butter today, had an issue with no strawberry shake available ( still no way to contact customer, so the fast food place calls me, I have no info on customer yet) I call helpline again, they put me on hold, fast food place hands me to order and said it’s straight, helpline says go ahead and deliver. I get to address; the customer goes off on me because no one called them! Two tries two strikes so far!

Miami. Maybe $8 is a generous recollection. $6-$ eight maybe a better guess. Also, doesn’t it have to do with how far the eater is from the McDs? I think the reason that the fare is better than pool/x on average is because the base fee is so much more than 75% of $0.95.

I only do UE anymore IF they have a quest. ($20 for 5 deliveries $50 for 10) but I crashed and burned my acceptance rate last Saturday when I had 4-5 requests in a row outside the 3X surge I was sitting in.

I do UberEATS after I’ve done my driving for the day. I go home, set my account to UberEATS only for the rest of the day. So the hourly thought process doesn’t work for me. I might get 1-2 an hour. But it’s all sitting on my couch. Everything is local. I head home.