UberEats Miami Delivery Issue

(Simon) #1

Attention delivery partners! Today at Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza (2626 Ponce De Leon Blvd. Miami FL) I got an order to deliver (Delivery 1: D1)

While waiting for D1 a Delivery 2 (D2) came thru the app, and I accepted it. I showed the phone to the restaurant staff and told him that I had two deliveries so he can give both and start my trips as I do in all other places.

My surprise was that he told me that by the decision of the general manager of the restaurant we (delivery drivers) were NOT ALLOWED to take multiple deliveries. So I told him… how can then I do, and he states that I should take D1 drop it off come back to the restaurant pick up D2 and start a new trip.

In the middle of all of this, I was in contact with the support, so they knew what was going on. I accepted do D1 and go back to restaurant pick up D2 and deliver it.

While returning from D1 to the restaurant a Delivery 3 (D3) came up from the same restaurant, and I accepted. So I did three deliveries back and forth to the restaurant because of their own decisions of how to handle deliveries.

Bottom Line: DO NOT ACCEPT MULTIPLE deliveries from this merchant!

Who pays us the extra miles? Who pays us extra gas? Who pays us extra parking spaces? Who pays us extra time? Delivery times were all messed up; the last customer was upset because of the delay, is that legal that a restaurant creates their own delivery policies knowing that they are partnering with a delivery company and not their own drivers and cars?

After all the app does not work that way. In order to finish multiple deliveries, you should mark each one as dropped so at the end you can finish the whole process.

There are too many things that make a restaurant decision so hard for us to complete the way we should work to optimize time and customer satisfaction.

(Chris Stipe) #2

I would have declined and reported their ass to uber. Let them deal with the loss, not your problem. If they don’t understand how the app works or doesn’t want drivers to do multiple, they need to tell uber not to match it that way there. Let them cancel the order

(Jack Dolen) #3

My guess is he was not prepared with the second order. I’ll bet restaurants have a TOS agreement that they violated. Accept the first, cancel the second and call support. Uber is only going to pay one pick-up and will only pay miles from the first delivery point to the second. Be polite always, never argue with the restaurant. That can hurt you.