UberEats driver Miami--Why do Drivers hate UberEats?

(Mark L) #1

Why do Drivers hate UberEats? Down here in Miami FL it pays more per mile than UberX plus a pickup and drop-off fee. They are usually short distances for a quick pay for me.

(Hassan) #2

No tips. Often long waits for food. Problems finding parking. NO TIPS!

(Mark L) #3

Dam I guess I am lucky. I hardly wait and parking is no issue here. Tips are none existent though lol.

(Abel) #4

Go to Postmates fuck uber for telling customers not to tip. Only cheap asses use uber eats because they want something for nothing

(Harry Tobias) #5

You would think after a 15million dollar settlement over tips being included.they would never mention this again, but they have, and since then tips are gone.they will get sued again because they are misleading the customer, they think the tip is included in the fee.

(Bick Bhangoo) #6

Because there are better options with Postmates and GrubHub that encourage tips not tell the customers no tip necessary.

(Zoran M) #7

Parking in SF is nonexistent. Then you have to trudge into the building, up 10 or more floors ( I once delivered to the 45th floor), and no tip. Not to mention having to park blocks away.

No thank you.

(Harry Tobias) #8

It’s always been, but they are trying to discreetly change that they used to have the advertisement with the customer coming to the car.the only way I go to the door is single family homes, no apartment, condo, office building.I’ve been doing eats for seven months. The customers aren’t used to it but most who are regulars all no to come outside. I think uber got bad feedback from the customer, but O well. I can’t wait until it rains, and uber can’t cover the calls. I’m not getting out of my car in the rain for peanuts.when it rains I shut eats off, and no several other drivers that do the same.

(Donna Harris) #9

Here in Atlanta, it was worth it when the rate was higher, but now it’s lower, they take more from the trip if that’s all you do (i have uber eats the only acct and uberx acct that doesn’t have eats). No tips. The food is never ready. Most communities in the city are high rises and gated so getting to them is a pain. Not worth it in all anymore.

(Mathew Boolean) #10

What happens when you cancel the client? What are you suppose to do with the food? To me its rude by the client to wait more than 5 minutes. No one should even wait.

(Bector Ernest) #11

I tried uberEATS for about two weeks, hated it, then opted out. Some drivers like it, but I think the vast majority dislike it. Someone should create a poll. I thought EATS was too much time and effort for not nearly enough money. Do you like the idea of spending 20 minutes or more to haul slop across town for $3.71 or less with no tip? Many restaurants have no parking. They should not be eligible for EATS. Uber would never put their foot down with restaurants. But they sure love pooping all over drivers. The food is frequently not ready. And many of the princes and princesses who order the food reside atop high rise apartments with no parking. A few of my EATS trips were okay. I got some cash tips, usually a buck or two. But most of my EATS trips stunk so I opted out. If you are looking for a little more action sign up for Lyft. Many drivers work for both.

(Alex Jones) #12

Not, most do not tip, in our area you have to find a place to park (difficult), go inside and wait for the food, then go to the location, maybe 3 miles away, for $3.99…not worth it

(Josh Buck) #13

I do it on my electric bicycle and make about $13 an hour in Miami.
Easiest job in the world.
Except I can’t do it when it rains.

(Trish Richardson) #14

I started with Uber Eats only because my vehicle was too old. After a couple of months of working evenings, I realized there was more money to be made on the passenger side. I just got a new car and got approved to drive for Uber and Lyft. I still have Eats available but will enjoy turning it off from time to time.

(Abel) #15

In Los Angeles, you have to find a place to park while picking up the food and then find a place to park to deliver the food. There are NO UBER PARKING at the food pick up places. Pick your poison…IJS

(Lisa Markee) #16

I was doing UberEats when I first started driving. Found out quickly that it wasn’t worth the money or the hassle. The pay in Chicago was pathetic for UberEats.

Not to mention that Uber will NOT reimburse you when you get a ticket for not being parked legally! Some companies pay all the tickets; Uber isn’t one of them.

When I went to the office to tell them that the overwhelming majority of restaurants on the platform have NO legal parking space, they said they knew that and were working on how to come up with a solution. That was six months ago, and nothing has changed in Chicago.

They should at a minimum, at least tell drivers up front that they make deliveries at their own risk of getting a ticket. To NOT do so is just as sleazy as hell.