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Uber Eats is a popular food delivery service that Uber successfully launched a few years ago. Uber Eats is easy to use and is actually delivered by both Uber Eats couriers and Uber drivers. As such, the Uber Eats app for clients is a separate app, and to access it you need to download the Uber Eats app from either Google Play or Apple Store.

Once you have downloaded the app, all you need to do is register, add a means of payment, and make sure the delivery address you input for every delivery is accurate. This means if you registered with your home address but at a different location, don’t let the app send your food home.

Now, as with any service, there are issues to deal with, and Uber Eats has an extensive issue handling system, is their Uber Eats Customer Service, and there are a few ways to make contact, dependant on the type of issue, and urgency of the situation.

Consider the following situations as reasons to contact Uber Eats customer service:

Your delivery is not arriving, and you cannot get hold of the courier. Perhaps the order is not fulfilled properly, where the courier notifies you that a lot of the items you want are not available. Another less frequent issue is billing problems, where you could be overcharged or charged for items you didn’t receive. In all these instances Uber Eats has contingency plans in place. For instance, there is a dedicated Courier to a client communication system that provides the client with up to date locational services to follow the order from request to delivery. There is also a method for the courier to contact the client using an anonymous phone system keeping the client’s personal data concealed but allowing the two to discuss alternatives when menus are not fulfilled at the counter.

While there is a lot of on the spot support, sometimes clients just want to complain in person and let Uber know they are frustrated. To support this Uber Eats has created 5 different paths to contact them, and here they are:

1. Live Chat Support
Live chat support is part of the Uber Eats app, and all you need to do is open the app, tap on your profile tab, and then tap help. When you enter the help screen, you will find a list of orders to select, choose the one you are concerned about, and tap it. Once you have selected the appropriate order, it will guide you through a list of issues that can be related to the order.

This method is the best for issues with ongoing orders since the Uber Eats representative can follow the order on the screen on Uber’s side and help the client in real time without the need to go back and forth between a phone, an e-mail, and the actual delivery screen.

Take heed that all data is recorded under a support ticket.

2. Twitter
Twitter is another method of reaching out, both for Uber Eats and for Clients as well as couriers. @Uber_Support is not a dedicated support site, it’s for general questions, and it is used by Uber to tweet updates and is also the first place to check when your Uber App is not working properly. Instead of trying to get hold of a customer support agent, consider entering their twitter account and checking out general issues that might be troubling you.

Take note, that this is not a service site, it’s a messages site that is 100% public, which means if you tweet a reply, everyone can see it. So before you decide to open up an issue here, consider the ramifications of going public.

3. Email

E-mail is another option. Obviously this is not the fastest contact option, but it is a dedicated one and private. E-mail is one of the best methods for a fully recorded issue management method. You send an e-mail to customer services, and they will answer you within 24 hours.

Now consider that while the conversation is private it is not secure, e-mail messages are the easiest to breach, so do not put in any private information, when it comes to the issue be detailed, but when it comes to handing out any personal information such as payment details, be vague, say “credit card” but don’t put the date or number of the card.

While Uber has undergone some serious hacking lessons in the last 3 years, and they have bolstered their cyber security issues, I would still not recommend you place any personal or private details in an e-mail.

One other issue, after sending out an e-mail, the response might be via the Uber Eats App and not the e-mail account. If this happens, you will receive a notification from the Uber Eats app, and it is easier for both you and uber Eats to manage the issue from the app.

4. Phone Support

Phone support is nefarious and nebulous, which basically means it’s damned frustrating but it works and you have a dedicated line for this in the US, it is (800) 253-6882. For other countries, you will need to check online in the Uber Eats site for the number. The reason it’s frustrating is that you have to wait in line, and when you are upset about something, the last thing you want is to wait in line. Consider the Uber App chat support if you are not a patient person.

Phone Support is for handling issues that are ongoing, such as an actual order. If you don’t want to use the Uber Eats App support, then a phone call might help calm your nerves. Talking to an actual person is still considered the most comforting or most annoying way to handle an issue.

Now, take note, customer service employees are low paid employees that sit at terminals and have a limited number of options to help. Also, their managers are only slightly paid more and have virtually the same powers of application. As such, getting angry with a customer service rep will not solve your problem, and will be recorded, leading you to be banned from using the App after the issue is resolved. So I suggest that if you are calling to shout at someone, don’t.

5. Uber Eats Help Page

Another method is using the extensive Uber Eats site help page that has a few links to most issues, and these linked pages are information pages that describe the situation you are facing, and then offers a solution. The help page is here: help.uber.com/eaters

I would actually suggest reading this irrespective of issues, and learning all about Uber Eats if you intend to use them frequently. By using this page you end up learning more about how Uber operates, and when an issue arises, you already know what the cause is, and how to handle it.

For ongoing order issues, check out these links:

  • Check the status of my order: if you are waiting for an order, you can find out what the status of the order is by tapping on "Track Order" in the Uber East App.

  • Change items in my order: to change an order you need to call Uber customer services.

  • Cancel my order: you can only cancel an order before it has been prepared in the restaurant, as such, follow these instructions:

    • Tap the receipt icon at the bottom of the App menu bar
    • Tap "CANCEL ORDER" in the order tracking screen
    • Tap "CANCEL ORDER" again in the confirmation screen
  • My order is taking longer than expected: to find out what’s happening with an order when delayed, you can contact the delivery partner by pressing contact in the Uber Eats App.

  • Change my delivery address: to change the delivery location, you must contact the delivery partner directly by pressing contact in the Uber Eats App.

  • Why was my order canceled? : Orders are canceled by the restaurant or delivery partner, as such, wait a minute and make a new order. The reasons are usually because the restaurant cannot make the order, or your location was too vague, and the delivery partner could not contact you to find you.

For past order issues, check out these links:

Uber Customer Service and Phone Numbers for Riders/Passengers and Drivers
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(Frank Medina) #3

Anybody on UberEATS have problems with support telling you that your rating will not be affected then have this happen? A week ago my rating was 97%, in less than 3 days it tanked because a flood of negative merchant reviews from one vendor.

I know which merchant is the culprit, but I don’t think they will ever change. They want to be able to do things their way, to hell with food safety standards or a drivers reputation with the buyer.

What recourse in your experience have you discovered.

A little background : I’m a nationally accredited and registered food safety manager and business management consultant by trade for well over 25 years. I have a masters in business management and Its my job to be extremely courteous and professional with both the customer and merchant. I understand that there are certain standards that must be adhered to, but I have a problem with the system as is and would like to find the best way to solve this problem.


(Anderson Lee) #4

How your Merchant Negative about to surpass your Merchant Positive, though? Whatever it is, that’s definitely not a ‘good’ thing

(Frank Medina) #5

That’s one merchant who does not wish to confirm to their own policies then complain when uber support has to call them at the customers or my request so that we can be properly compensated for our time and trouble.

(Melinda Foster) #6

It sounds like to me that you are attempting to tell a merchant how to run their business and they are rating you poorly for it…

(Frank Medina) #7

That’s not the case at all. I walk in or drive through. Ask for them to verify the order and its contents. If something is a discrepancy between the app and the order this particular merchant becomes frustrated that they have to do all this and I think that’s where the problem arises. Lately they’ve been doing this thing where they don’t begin making the order until I arrive even if I’ve driven from 10 or more minutes away. They will sometimes process all UberEATS orders last filling in store and drive through orders before even looking at their tablet. They also have a bad habit of packaging drinks inside a bag that often tip over or spill then they have to re open the bag and re seal, initial it. They will package hots with colds knowing I can’t break the seal then they get a call from the customer saying their stuff was warm at best. One time in recent memory they even refused to fill an order staying they already gave it out and couldn’t re-make it.

(Melinda Foster) #8

First off, I feel sorry for you. Some places are hard to deal with. Secondly I am not quite sure which I should believe since this comment is different from your original post. Your first post was basically, you telling a business how to do it and then coming in here telling us why they should listen.

(Frank Medina) #9

That’s the same thing. I was hoping to see if any other similar experiences have been encountered and if/how they solved them.

I try to work on a personal level with all parties to make the process as smooth as possible over time, but the turnover and inconsistency with this one vendor makes dealing with them very difficult at times. When I contacted uber support regarding the issue they assure me that my rating will return to normal at the end of the ratings week, whenever that is, and further commented that I’m in the top 10 drivers in the area rated highly by all vendors but this one. That’s why I’m getting frustrated. They can’t “blacklist” merchants like they can riders or drivers. Your ratings just get so poor that your account will deactivate for a week or until enough of the “100” ratings drop off so that your % goes up again.

(Marsha_Smith) #10

How about this…go to merchant…smile…pick up food…leave. profit!

(Frank Medina) #11

Then have customer rate poorly because it was wrong order or unsafe food?? Don’t think so. As a Business professional it’s our responsibility to uphold certain standards. It’s not worth risking someone’s health over. Sorry, I don’t allow complacency at my risk.

We have a responsibility just like any other employee. It’s called accountability in professionalism.

Start asking you’re customers if they’re okay with you picking up a wrong order and wasting their time or money.

(Melinda Foster) #12

Sorry but you may want to really look at how you are doing delivery, it is as difficult as you are making it…