Ubereats Customer Service Is A Big Joke, No Boosts No Explanation

Seriously, driver customer service is such a joke…I keep asking them why I don’t get the boosts my friend does; I don’t get any at all…we live around the corner from each other… every time they tell me something different…I just did a “help ticket,” and they basically told me not to worry about the past, because I stated that it’s unfair that I am not getting boosts and boost pay when working the same area and times as my friend who is seeing boosts
I told them that’s what I believed the issue was and to remove the passenger option…the dummy I talked to deleted my whole account…it was a mess… going to have to go to the hub much as I don’t feel like going all the way down there…but I need someone who understands English to help apparently lol

Troy, here in Memphis in the past people who have only a UberEATS account receive boost and those with passengers and eats do not.

Yesterday I called them because some here have said I don’t see the boosts since I have Eats and X on the same account…Uber activated me for X I never signed up for it, so when I called yesterday and asked them to remove the X from my account the rep, told me it was done…but actually she deleted my whole account…I had to spend another half hour on the phone with another rep getting my account reactivated…and he told me he was going to elevate the boost issue, since I should be getting them, and I would hear from someone shortly…as of now, I have heard nothing.

I used to get boost pay and promotions for ubereats now I don’t get anything since this Uber pro crap, I do have uberX on my account also, but I only do it sometimes I mostly do ubereats I have a 100% satisfaction rating for deliveries and I don’t get any boost or promotions then on top of that I’m out delivering late at night I should be getting something for late night delivery but it says in order for me to use all those points I received I have to keep a low cancellation rate, but sometimes it be necessary for me to cancel

In my area if you do uber x and eats on the same account you won’t get promotions, you have to be signed up for eats only to get the promotions. Lady at my local hub helped me fix my account and was able to start right away; you can still do uber x but has to be a different email address.

The same thing happened to me. There were boosts literally all day all night for eight months, then poof it all disappeared for about a week and a half it automatically came back on, and it has stayed on boosts since. I maintained a 100% rating also, so I’m not sure what that was all about but give it a little bit of time and it will show back up again.

I never got them…I get the promos, but not the boosts that are clearly active in my area…but not one of god knows how many reps now can give a solid answer as to why. And they all tell me they corrected it, but I still don’t see them. That sucks, and trying to get a solid answer from a representative is a nightmare lmao. I go out of my way to not have to call them for anything lol.

Speaking of “Ubereats customer service”
I call b/c they did not properly record my arrival at the restaurant.
It was a solid 15 minute wait.
It was like 19 min total for the trip by my timer.
The delivery was close, but they paid 13 minutes total for the trip.
It only comes out to $1, but it just pisses me off.
The e-mail tells me to take the most efficient route and follow the app🤯
REALLY… the f’ing drive thru is only 25 feet with 1 left turn
They suck!

Today’s lesson learned: Don’t go chasing boosted zones. Every other driver is doing the same thing, and you won’t get diddly squat!
I went to a 3.0 boost zone about 15 minutes away from my normal driving area. Ended up declining three deliveries that were where I usually pick up from because they were all 10+ mins away. Didn’t get jack crap the 1.5 hours I was in the 3.0 boost zone. Looking back now I would’ve been so much better off just staying where I was and taking the three non-boosted trips than sitting and making nothing waiting for the 3.0!!!

I really feel that without the boost we are losing money by using our car are gas we only get paid from the restaurant to the customer’s house. Sometimes they’ll give me one that takes me 16 miles away and then I got to drive the other 16 miles back so that’s 32 miles and they give me not they give us nothing for the four where we are to the next restaurant. I will tell you this I’ve been doing this for three years if everybody complains that they’re not paying us not enough and we don’t get boost that will change and tell him that you know we’re just going to start going to the other services that do pay more when a company can take advantage of its employees they will and when their employees call them out they will definitely change the situation I wrote them a very nasty letter before Christmas and the next thing you know the booths were back. I think everyone should write a letter and just say I cannot afford to keep doing Uber eats nothing nasty about it, but it’s just the truth.

We aren’t UBER employees, but contractors. They treat their actual employees very well, by the way, but UBER does not give a damn about their so-called “partners,” they never have. They know there is always going to be someone desperate enough to work without boost, etc. Complaining does no good. They are constantly asking what drivers want, but then don’t implement any of things drivers actually need, like better pay and support. Instead, they spend millions on useless ideas like autonomous cars and delivery drones, really? And then try to pacify drivers with things that we really didn’t need, like the new app or small perks, like a free car wash, etc. It’s a shame, UBER pretty much-pioneered ride-sharing, and food delivery platforms and now have the worst reputation in the business.