Uber zone: no breaks of any kind just going going going

Has anyone ever been in the “uber zone” I did it a week ago. I mean like no bathroom breaks no eating 9 hours straight and made $240 . I started with a coffee that was it. By the time I was done I was a zombie but I was proud to knock it out. What’s your longest in the"Uber zone" you’ve been in and how much did you make.

Winner gets a free sign/sticker set… Must pick up

Since I lost the track of the hours and sleep, I did 634 rides in 1 month my first month of Uber and that was definitely stupid move killed myself almost

I’ve gone there. The pings never stop. Sometimes you p/u exactly as you’re dropping off, it’s a beautiful thing. That happened for me more than once at the Neon museum.

I had food packed. I took one bathroom break at the Rio…
I’ll NEVER work that many hours again…lol
That’s back when we had lots of surges and there was less drivers and diving was crazy busy.
I couldn’t get out of bed the next day tho…lol

I did 7 hours 15 rides in one day and made $180 plus $30 for my quest but did that once and never again :joy:

I only do it if I’m extremely bored and don’t want to sit home or if I’m gonna g too a bar or a club I’ll do it for an hour or two before I go so I have extra money to toss around

That’s the most I’ve ever made but on Friday I did $167 and that Saturday I did $107 or whatever I top of like 6 rides during the week

I can easily make more than what I’m paid at my ft job but I love helping people and being there for someone in the time of need

ayeee do it you can do EMT Basic through them too and military pays for the schooling then as long as you pass the course then your national exam and get your license to practice your scope in the US you can apply anywhere :ok_hand:t3:

I did 33 rides in 13 hours once made about 400 plus tips… it’s brutal when you’re not getting out as much and finally you get a airport run and your legs go out like you forgot to walk… that was this year during EDC week…

I’ve gone on where the app won’t let you go online 2 or 3 times (14 or 16 hours online in a day) Not sure about amount but I would say about 350+

I was up for 24hrs yesterday. I really felt like a zombie 🧟‍♂. Woke up at 5am to go to my full time job came home at 7pm shower ate and left at 9pm to go UBER and got back home at 5:30am. Really productive day $378 13 1/2 hours at FeDex 8 1/2 hours UBER $225 plus $50 cash tips plus $115 kickback from SCORES. Money :moneybag: :yen: $768 24 hours later.