Uber xl much better than uber x

I tried uber XL yesterday, and it’s so much better than uber X. Nice first day and only 127 miles to get this, instead of almost 400 miles on uber X. People seem to be better behaved as well on uber xl than uber x. I was afraid xl wasn’t as busy, but I seemed to get one after another. I’ll try it again today and see if it’s about the same. Only thing I don’t like is, uber takes 28% versus 20% on X, but oh well still better payouts… and I got $46 in cash tips, hardly ever see tips on uber X. I don’t have a tip jar in my cars!!!

We have many more X drivers here than XL. One pax even observed that he thinks XL is underserved here. I’m surprised at the number of small-party pax who just prefer a roomier, more “substantial” vehicle.

Yes, I had an XL request from the airport. I arrived one tall guy got in I ask if the others were coming. He said no I ordered xl because I tired of lil cars you can hardly get in and out. So it’s xl just for myself from now on.

I love doing XL! It’s been slow lately though. I get tons of airport runs during the summer. Almost double the fare sometimes

Never heard of XL how do I become an XL driver and what type of vehicle to I need. I usually drive my Saturn, but I do have a minivan I could drive if it will get me the XL rate.

XL drivers beware. I show up for a single passenger whos girlfriend’s mother requested an X ride, but he has a bike. Sure I can accommodate by folding seats down in my Yukon, but should I? Uber tells me I should have had them cancel and then request an XL They refuse to upcharge the passenger for the error. They would rather charge the passenger a cancel fee plus XL charges while we sit there with a huge empty vehicle. Then the driver gets a 1 star for being a dick. How do you guys handle this and when an X is ordered, and 5 or more people pile in.

Arrived at a call yesterday, Uber X.
Six pax with two kids under two years old.
They said they got there using Uber, and the driver let the put the children on the floor…
He said he’d pay me extra $$$ and we could just drive slow…
I looked at him and said, I’m not worried about how I’ll be driving… if someone hits us your children will likely perish.
I wouldn’t take you even for a $1,000
No uber xl cars had been available; I called three cab companies before finding a van available with two child seats available.
I waited for the cab to arrive ( 20 minutes ) very reasonable considering it was peak times and the request for two baby seat and a van out to the middle of nowhere.
All the while on the guarantee…
and then hit “Too many passengers.”
I know if I left he would have just ordered another uberx…
I also knew he wouldn’t cancel because he didn’t want to get charged lol

Easy: if you have an XL and five people who ordered an X get in, happily take them to their destination. Even make a couple of funny jokes along the way. Then when they get out, and you end the trip, IMMEDIATELY send support a message telling them five people got into your XL vehicle even though they ordered an X. Uber will adjust the fare from an X to an XL automatically. Want to know the best part?! They don’t take out their commission from the increase! So you make even more. I LOVE when that happens. Enjoy!

I learned from some other driver: She made a text message that she sends out to her pax when she is on the way. It spells out what she can’t /won’t do. I tailored my message to what the law and TOS says, and what I offer and what my van looks like. SOMETIMES THE PAX EVEN ACTUALLY READS THE TEXT, haha. SOMETIMES THEY EVEN BELIEVE IT. “Yes, I read the text but can you take us with our beer anyway? If not, it’s OK. We’ll just call another Uber.” Answer: “Great! You know how to cancel the ride, right?” (Then I have a trouble-free cancel fee based on travel time/miles, usually.) FOR THE TEXT I SEND: it turns out that I can compose the body of the text, send it to myself, for example, so that it is saved on my phone, then copy it to the clipboard (hold finger on text message and a menu pops up with COPY). Now, unless I have rebooted the phone when I start to pick up the pax, I touch the menu in the upper right of the screen with the pax’s info, touch CONTACT > MESSAGE, hold finger on the field for writing the message until I see PASTE. Then the pre-written message in my clipboard goes in the message field, and I touch the SEND icon. I include warnings against booze, unaccompanied minors, a child without restraints if too young. Sometimes it results in a quick and easy non-confrontational cancel, and I MOVE ON.