Uber won't go out

They are putting money into expanding their rider base, not interested in profit at this time. They will be trying to clear up the lawsuits now and when cleaned, they can go Ipo. The idiot Travis will still maintain control with 51% so don’t expect to see much of a change at first. Need to complain to share holders! That’s the trick needed.

Taxis are are on the way out, this and livery are taking a big bite. Google will take Travass out and run it much better, when the TNC Gap insurance goes nationwide. No one cares about a market here or there that isn’t TNC friendly, they either will be by the time Google gets in or they never will. Uber will take a huge hit when you see G trade dress.

Uber may not survive, but TNC ride sharing probably will in some form or another. It works too well, when it is working right.

Any idiot could take the Uber concept and run a profit but instead Travis wants to keep rates low so he can raise ridership to help him get his next round of funding.

He’s blowing all his money to bribe new drivers to join instead of taking care of the existing ones so they don’t leave. Most new drivers just sign up to get that referral bonus then they don’t drive anymore. Uber is continually losing money through this.

The fact is that until investors band together and oust Travis this company will never turn a profit. Travis tries to keep that from happening by going on these speaking tours where he lies to people trying to cover Uber by telling them all is well and we all make 35 an hour and nobody stops to ask drivers what’s really going on.

You should take the uber concept and run a profit then if it’s so easy. Ideas are a plenty, and a lot of folks have the same ideas as others…the ability to take that first step, the guts to…as well as execution is key…

For all the complaints and ideas we have on here if Uber had people constantly trying to innovate and make the service more enjoyable for both riders and drivers they would already be making a ton of profit.

Anyone can replicate Ubers app and service and if anyone can do it you can’t make money at it. That’s how simple it is. Travis has 6 billion dollars of other people’s money to prove it. He raises prices Lyft Juno or any number of 16 year olds that copy Ubers app will undercut him and take his passengers and his drivers who work for nothing.

I think the real issue are the costs, on the back end. Google has all of that. Travass is spending all of his money of what Google already has. Amazon is increasing their delivery service so I’m sure Google is going to expand on that front and connect it back to Travass. Like to see him explain how he’s better than Google.

That is not even close to true. The application, the extremely large database, communications, none of this stuff is easy, and no, not every idiot could pull this off. It is an incredibly complex infrastructure that is not just pulled out of a hat.

Google does own a piece of them, I don’t honestly know how much. That happens a lot. They have been trying to distance themselves from Google aka Alphabet like tossing their maps. I imagine they are using Amazon on the back end or Google would just copy and paste.

They tried to toss Google Maps and go with Nokia aka Microsoft. They have been distancing themselves from Google once they found out Google was in the SDC biz and it’s been downhill from there, with the maps.

travis kalanick is the worst ceo of all time… does anyone remember phar mor in the 90s? it overexpanded way too fast. this is what uber has done. now they are losing a bazooka loads of money in china, france, india, south korea.

what uber should have done is keep growing in the states, canada and mexico before expanding globally. also keep your workers happy here first and then do a ipo. after the ipo expand wordlwide, travis kalanick is the worst.