Uber wasnt made for this... our job is to move people from one place to another... not all their crap

Pull up to the mall. Pax comes walking up with his wife, kid, and 2 shopping carts overflowing with bags. Keep in mind I have a Honda Civic. He knocks on the trunk…I knock on my cancel button and drive away. Left him standing there and idc…

I can see why he would be. The pax knocks on a trunk of a car that isn’t his and treats the uber driver like he is his personal driver. I would have done the same thing.

Still see no humor in it. Personally, what the guy did is not much different than what most of us might have done if we were the Pax. If the Pax had seen the driver looking at him walk
Up, than the driver already knew there were bags.

And I was supposed to know that was him how exactly? He didn’t say a word and he came up from behind me. So…

There’s only bad things that can happen from accepting this trip. He probably expects you to help. When you don’t bad rating. It’s going to take longer. You already know its a short trip. People dont travel miles to go to grocery store. He won’t tip. May as well move on and dont worry about the 3.77.

He did not give me the opportunity to do that matt like I said he came up from behind I had no idea of knowing who he was. Seems you are the only person that has some weird problem with what I did.

I don’t understand why you keep saying that he should have ordered an Uber XL. Your car is meant to hold 4 passengers and your passengers have access to the trunk storage as well which is what they are paying for.

So, by arriving with his wife and kid and regardless of how many groceries he had he was well within his right of an uberX.

Trust me, I am the first one to complain when somebody ordered uberX let’s say from the airport and I show up and they have seven suitcases and 4 passengers and expect all of this to fit in a compact car.

However, you were clearly in the wrong here and were just being a dick for no reason LOL

A guy called an uberx to Bjs, I show up with my SUV and he comes over with about 12 cases of water and groceries. I say you called an Uber X I think you need an XL and I canceled trip

Uber wasnt made for this… our job is to move people from one place to another… not all their crap

I had someone who was moving. I said to her you need to get a uhaul truck ma’a and then drove away. Plus I’m not cancelling, you are

You better remember him for the rest of your driving career because if he gets you as a driver again in the future you bet your ass he’ll remember you and give you one star no matter what lol

Omg that’s a hella a good and funny story. One time I had an old woman ordering a uberpool, I came to her house and she put her big things of two bags in my trunk and I helped her. Then she said my husband will be here five minutes then she head out back to her house. I waited a couple of minutes. Still waiting and nothing yet and no sign of her. I get out and to my trunk, I put her stuff on the ground to the house, and I drove away. She wave at me and saw me leave. Canceled the trip and I got at least $3 money for waiting time! Then I get another ride with a surge! Some people are crazy and think they can take advantage of the Uber drivers! I hate how they think they can do anything when they order Uber!

…and then we wonder why we get bad ratings, a bad reputation & why we don’t get tips!

some guy tried to fit a 65 inch tv in back seat of a honda accord. i gave him five minutes to try all angles. then i hit no show and collected 5

If you didn’t at least try to accomidate the pax, or give them a reason for canceling the ride, you are in the wrong business.

As long as it’s within reason, I don’t see the problem? If your car has a trunk and space for the pax’s stuff in it then who cares. As long as they carry it all themselves.

Actually when you get a call from someone at a store and they have a ton of bags, and other people its treated as an uberxl not plain uber.

it’s always our call what we want to take. I pulled up an industrial area and had a woman standing next to an ancient commercial front loading washing machine that look like it had been through a war I put the window down and she says it’s this into other things. I tell her I’m not a moving company and cancel the trip. As I’m driving away she says “so you won’t take it?”. One time I pulled off at a Best Buy and there was a guy buying his squeeze is a big screen TV. When we get to the destination he starts to manhandle it out of my minivan to which I object. He says “hey I’ll pay for the damage”. I told him it doesn’t work like that. He looked like he wanted to fight but I just got the thing out of the car and drove away. Last time I got a ride that was an XL at Best Buy as I pulled up I could say it was a man with a huge flatscreen TV. I kept moving and canceled.

The best way to avoid bad situations as not to drive in bad areas. I’ve learned which neighborhoods to get out of when I find myself there. I switch off the app and drive till I’m in a better place. There certain cities where the prices are always surging but you’ll spend all night driving people to McDonald’s drive-throughs and laundromats. The prices are surging because nobody wants to drive there.