Uber Upfront Price Estimate? What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts good, bad or neutral? What do you think?
Uber Price Estimate

Why do we really give a crap about how it’s presented to the passenger when we are getting paid the same way. At least this eliminates the people going wow you’re getting 4.2 surge you’re really making the money tonight.
You can’t tell me that you actually like people complaining about the surge, both before and after the fact

The reason for all of this is simple. Drivers look at both riders and drivers app when driving. If they are in a surge location, and they accept that surge, but on the way to the pickup, the surge goes up. So as most drivers that are out to make money will cancel that 1.5 surge because now it’s 3.0 (as we can see on the riders app while going to the pick up). Uber is doing this to stop drivers from getting higher surges by canceling lower surges. Because now we can’t see if the surge went up. Doesn’t show on riders app anymore.

LoL haha, a very clever way of killing surge pricing without killing surge pricing… because either way, Uber gets paid a percentage.
And a clever way of killing lyft, because lyft will either have to match uber, or have a degree of uncertainty. You want a set price vs. an up in the air price. Well played uber… well played.

To answer your question, bad for drivers, good for riders.

What makes driving ‘worth it’ for a lot of drivers was the surges. The surges are one of the few things that put ridesharing in our favor. NOW, why go for such an expensive ride, especially when you know you can either wait out the surge or ‘fib’ on your location then call the driver and say ‘hey, I’m actually in this location’ (and rookie drivers will pick them up not knowing they’ve been cheated, and I doubt uber will fix it)

Only cases where people who won’t mind spending that extra dough

  • they have no choice; their phone is going to die soon
  • money isn’t an issue (which is statistically speaking 1% of Americans)

Why spend extra money when you don’t have to?

Believe me, I read and understand the whole thing. But Uber has a unique way of interpreting plain language - like when they tell us fare rate reductions are “temporary,” or when they “guarantee” $50
An hour, etc., etc. - so I am just naturally concerned that the statement we will get paid in the same way as before will morph into some weird formula.

I have spoken to drivers that have already been part of this new system, and they have informed me that the passenger fee is always more than what the driver gets paid.

The estimate that Uber provides the passenger is padded in Uber’s favor so that they will never lose money on the situation. Drivers have been able to compare the pax receipt to their trip fare, and the pax receipt is always more.

We have it in DC, and people are just pissed because that’s not the price that they’re going to pay it’s going to be more there just letting you know what the very least you might pay in the middle of the night with no traffic and all green lights.

Uber upfront price estimate only works if you’re not stuck in a traffic jam or something like that when the time is changed by being stuck in traffic, there’s no way that they can’t control that and there’s no way that they can give an honest quote to a customer

I’ve tested this with a bud. If the Pax changes the destination to a further one than the original uber upfront estimate price, then the pax will get charged for the time and mileage.
However, if the pax changes the destination that is closer than the original destination Then pax gets charged for the greater amount which is the original upfront pricing.