Uber tripled the number of drivers

Massive gridlock Friday and Saturday nights), 20% pay cut, and they won’t even honor their own incentive policy. I met ALL of their criteria and STILL didn’t make enough to cover my expenses, let alone my car insurance. I think I will have a little talk with the City Council about these practices and see what their thoughts on regulations are (they are still in debate about Uber and Lyft) when they see what is going on under their noses. I won’t be driving for either of them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about what happens to my city. It is getting dangerous on the roads here because of the number of ride-sharing drivers, the cutthroat nature of the business, and no regulations on who can drive when and where.

Same thing happened to me in Houston. I drove all the hours, met their required pickups, and somehow the system showed I only accepted 67% of my ride requests. Of course, I accepted 100% of the ride requests because I wanted to be driving if I was going to be up, but Uber says their system shows I only accepted 67% so no pay.

does anyone have any idea how that could be possible, short of uber actually cheating? i mean, we couldn’t be counting requests that come while we’re driving a pax, right? i don’t know.

I wrote in an complained and my email replies suddenly stopped when I brought up the fact that I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t want to drive. I can’t get an answer from Uber. There’s just no way I don’t accept 1/3 of rides during guarantee time. I don’t care how far away they are at $30/hour. But Uber has no answer.

Apparently Uber servers can and will throw fares at you from the moment you end a ride. Then you have to wait for the servers to calculate the fare total, then rate the passenger, and then you can go online. Once online, only then you can see/hear the UberPhone offer you fares that you can then accept.

This can lead to you being pinged for a ride, never knowing about it, and having it time out for a decline before you even get back to the online screen of your car on the map. Its another reason why you should wait until all of the passengers are out of the car before ending the ride.

If you want to protect your acceptance rate, you should then race through the ratings and “go online” so that you reduce the chance for a missed ride. And yes, there are MANY problems with this process. For one, it gives you no time to see if the riders left trash in your car for which they should be down rated.

You are being too kind to Uber by far. They have known of this issue with acceptance rates since DAY ONE! But they knowingly choose to not fix it. In my book BAIT AND SWITCH is a common tactic that Uber employs in its dealings. There are other underhanded practices that are commonly relied on in the Uber handbook titled UberFraud!

As long as you get back online within 15 seconds, there should be no way you ever miss a ping. I wonder if you continue to get pings after you have accepted a trip but before you start it.

After the ride the green square says go online. If you haven’t clicked it then you “should” be offline. To claim drivers missed requests during this time is ridiculous. Uber is cheating every driver who doesn’t get the guaranteed minimum based on this fraud.

You can’t. Uber is too smart of a company to allow that possibility. The drivers user agreement stipulates that in case of dispute you can’t sue Uber, you are forced to go to arbitration. Same thing is done by a lot of large companies these days. Just look at the user agreement of your cell phone provider.

I have to admit I find it interesting that the only time my acceptance rate has been in question is during guarantee time. The rest of the month I’m at 100%.

The rates in Charlotte are higher than Chicago? WTF? Our costs are much lower than yours and even we are losing money. I say “HELL NO” to that.

To clarify what mp775 says, you pay the toll, the app/gps knows you went through a toll and automatically charges the customer for the toll and adds it to your next paystub. Here in the Seattle/Tacoma area a lot of tolls are collected using cameras.

I try to remember to check to be sure that the proper tolls are charged, because there have been times when they were not. I find in Orange County that Uber tends to use the highest toll, which I think is only fair, since we are not required to have accounts with the toll roads.

The only way you did not make money is you were probably sandbagging at the airport.