Uber takes a fee before showing you the fare

Ok, so get this. Today I drove a guy I drive all the time. I waited more than 5 minutes for him because he called me. At the end of the ride my app said the ride was $7.87. His said $10.80. I got $5.30 plus a $10 tip. Complained to Lyft about it and they made up a bunch of bullshit. They should be in prison as much as Uber should. Fuck them!

Bet you still gonna be driving though!.

There is a estimated fee the riders agree to, if the ride is less then that they are still charged the estimated fee and Uber/Lyft get the booking fee and the excess of that estimation. It’s crazy, yea, but it’s what it is.

There is a class action suit that was filed against Uber recently for this very same thing.

I tell people all the time that Uber and Lyft make more than me on most rides. They usually don’t believe me but this further proves that I am right.

Because we are now friends he showed me his app price and I showed him mine. Just incredible. Lyft said I got paid while waiting which is bullshit as we all know. We should all sue them.

Take a slightly longer route. Today, my passenger was quoted $9 for a ride and that’s what they paid. My pay out was $11 for the ride for a couple extra miles. Extra $2 from lyft. You can skim off of lyft the same way they skim off their passengers. Just drive a slightly longer route.

This issue has neen covered a hundred times. Does ANYBODY look for answers to questions anymore?

So don’t drive. You all know how uber and Lyft work. Don’t like it? Park it and deactivate. Plain and damn simple! Quit bitching already! We all know how this works. It ain’t coming out of your bank account so stfu and take what you get or park it already! Damn

I hate this conversation… Robin, just stash whatever info you can because I’m sure a class action suit is in the works.

I’ve been telling my customers to reset the destination and then reset it again back to the regular one that way they get charged the Fairmount and Uber and Lyft don’t make extra

I don’t get the problem as a driver. We still get paid what we are supposed to. The pax is the one getting a Lil screwed. If uber or lyft is trying to make a lil more that’s on them. They still pay us our correct amount.

I so agree. My heat map hasn’t worked for weeks. I’m only grtting base rides. No prime. They said its an engineering issue? No word from them. If riding for pennies?

They can do so because we are contractors contacted to drive at certain rates. That doesn’t mean they won’t charge the passengers more fees

I follow the routes the apps indicate, unless the pax request a different route, maximize the payout they quoted the pax.

I love people who gets mad and insult drivers and defend uber/Lyft with this kind of situations. Like if it’s wrong for people to get pissed. Get off of uber/lyft dick. For them you’re just a number. Just one more driver on a roaster of thousands who drive for them