Uber surge pricing change!

Uber is taking nearly 50% of my fares! It used to not be so high. Now ever since they’ve changed the surge pricing. I get less per Fare. Last trip I had. Rider pays $23, I got $12, Uber got $11. This is ridiculous. This need to be fixed. I’m doing all the driving, talking and looking for riders when areas are packed.!! I should earn more than Uber per fare! Besides, I don’t like the new surge pricing. I think the best way to fix the surge issue would be to combine the old way with the new one. Obviously there’s details to figure to make it work well. But it’s the idea. Regardless them talking nearly 50% of each fare is ridiculous… it used to be closer to a 70/30 split. Not anymore. May not be worth my time anymore. How can you take 50% of my fare for updating an app every other month lol. Stupid.

Lyft-With Shared Saver, you’ll never have to worry about surge pricing,” the company says in a blog post. “You’ll lock in the lowest prices, always — even when it’s busy. So you’ll always have a reliable way to get wherever you’re going, no matter what.”

What they’re saying is it “could” go up and it’s up to them how much. Sounds like it would only go up a little compared to what the pax is charged. Trust me it will be much lower than what it used to be. They’re ONLY doing this to take money from us to them.

Agreed. We’ll have to see! My theory is that they took away surge altogether. They use some of the extra money they are making on the rider end to pay these “bonuses” on the grid, making it surge a lot more, and pocketing the rest. But they’re missing the point! The reason surge goes down is because demand goes down! If they are manually changing surge that means it was pretty much manually manipulated from the beginning. I do believe if you are in those areas and you get any requests you will get the bonus from any position on the map. But people are likely to flock to these areas.