Uber should start doing background checks or at very least uber must have pax true identity

Uber can even look into providing dash cams. this uber drunk passenger had no record, but we know that it is inevitable that we will pick up another uber drunk pax. we pick them up everyday. if they assault a driver and run, at least law enforcement can track pax since uber would have true identity. as of now anyone can create a fake account. you don’t need your real name. it’s really easy. another thing that uber could do is set a higher standard for uber and it’s drivers. uber should have a standard of professionalism and service. no tipping = no service or professionalism. plus cheap ass rates, etc.

new drivers need to know the risks. safety is a major concern. especially since pax feel the same way you do…that our attitude justifies a beating.

yes criminals are at walmart but walmart does not charge an extra fee under the guise of safety without ensuring safety. if what you are saying is true then uber should stop taking extra money from the fare.

I’m not scared i ensured my own protection already, but i am not like you, i consider all drivers safety. we even have female drivers. we are picking up rapists, drug dealers, drug addicts and murderers. and drunks too that are capable of assaulting drivers from behind.

If you think that walmarts fees for security aren’t built into their billions of profits then you are delusional and blind to it. And if you think walmarts security has the shopper in mind you are dumber than I thought, store security is for one thing and one thing only, to protect themselves and their investment.

No one said it is justified but nice try at spin. There is a risk in everything, the taxi industry has endured it since its dawn, everyone knows it.

We are essentially taxi drivers, it comes with the same risks, you act like you are preaching something new. Instead you are just parrotting yourself dozens of times and watering it down.

I think you misunderstand the “safe rider fee.” It’s purpose is to ensure the safety of the passengers. I suspect you don’t know that.

Don’t forget to protect Uber as their insurance is designed to shift all liability from them, it also pays for those great insurance lawyers, etc. This is what people don’t get, especially the OP.

I’ve had my share of threats. and just because this was caught on tape doesn’t mean it was the first time it happened. we pick up drunks. that is not low risk. there is a very high risk of drivers being assaulted by drunk pax.

this is exactly my point. newbies need to know this. uber only ensures pax safety, not the driver. female drivers may have a rapist behind them.

Funny I have been threatened once, his friends dragged him out of the car when they saw the smile on my face. I have been talked down to once as well, I laughed as I drove away after kicking them out. I guess I’m just lucky as these things seem to happen to some drivers multiple times or maybe it is the driver.

If you are condescending or rude, these people feed off it, they react in much the same way. Most people drunk or not don’t have it in them to attack someone. There are those that do, I won’t say there isn’t but it is the minority. Even when kicking someone out having a great attitude about it goes a long way.

pax are condescending and rude…should we whoop their ass? attitude should never justify an assault. if a driver has a bad attitude doesn’t uber have a rating system. pax can cancel the ride just like the driver did in this case.