Uber should improve the app to get rid of "phantom surges"

The rating system needs an overhaul. maybe just get rid of it all together. i realize we need to keep tabs on who’s a good or bad driver. there are other ways maybe we can have secret uber drivers who rate us instead of PAX who don’t understand the rating system. yes, i said it. a lot of them think a 4 star means good, but it’s a slap in the face. and i’ve seen on twitter that pax give 1 star ratings for really petty reasons (waah my driver wouldn’t let me have the aux cord for a 5 minute ride). Speaking of 5 minute ride, we need a good minimum ride fee. I say $7. Let me explain; the minimum fee now is $4. When you take out the Uber fee, we only make like $2.80.

I highly doubt he’s skipping. Uber is not in the black never have been. If he’s going to the bank its to beg for more money. Don’t let the billionaire playboy status fool you. He’s charging everything he has on investor money.

If hiring an uber is cheaper than owning a car, if that is true then it must be true that, for the driver who owns the car the rider benefits from, it costs more for the owner to operate the car it than he receives from the rider.

In real life, I bet you think of yourself as a crusading social justice warrior who is improving the world by making car ownership less common and by punishing those who still own cars by turning them into the slaves who carry forward your profane attempt at social engineering.

That warmth you feel on your face is not the Caribbean sun but rather the flames of hell coming closer. Make sure you take 30 pieces of silver with you because while I might not get tips from Uber customers, the devil will expect his due.

Only if you use poor logic. An Uber driver is going to drive a lot more miles per month than a typical rider would travel, so how can you compare them?

You can’t have it any other way, Lowering rates to generate more money is only always true when profit=revenue. Every single claim of “DRIVER EARNINGS” fails to take into account driver expenses. It always has.

I’d like him to drive a week in one of his $.75/mile cities and see if he can make $1,000/week like he claims. He probably can…working 80 hours with $1,200 in car expenses.

Though self driving cars will never make it to NYC, now that I know it’s screw us! The very people who grinded 60-70 hours a week it’s screw you! I’m riding with Lyft

I wish I could put that in my car. In the city I work, even with a 4.91 rating after 1000+ trips, the snobs would bury my in two weeks if I put up a sign like that. Or report me to Uber on day one. I had a passenger call me a liar when I told them uber doesn’t add tips.

That big lie is so persistent it’s now basically a truth. I told them to google it. I’m sure they didn’t “5 star” me as the conversation, while I tried to keep cordial, seemed to upset the rider as they viewed me as dishonest.

Sometimes people just need to be educated and they are thankful for having their ignorance vanquished. I have had these signs in my car since last Spring. Prior to the signs my driver rating was 4.89. Since putting up the signs I have been at 4.96 for the last several months.

More $$$ than he could ever use but he still has no consideration for the working class. I’ve not driven since this weeks rate cut but I see most drivers suck it up and they are still on the road. If there is ever a surge in my market or they add “Select” I may drive again.

Personally I doubt people would start tipping if they removed that. People have a way of justifying their actions. Ok…remove the line…people will just say…well it doesn’t say we have to tip…and to avoid the issue they just won’t bring it up.

Simply put… Uber is not going to go back on this. If you want to educate passengers on this you need to do it on a massive public scale that makes it a news story. Educating passengers one by one isn’t gonna do it.

I agree with the tip button. It would be nice if passengers tipped…specially with rates as they are. But people are cheap. That’s why they take us. We are not taxis regardless of what some might claim. We have none of the advantages or protections they have.

I am not a cabby, if you guys want to stop getting shafted, just go get your hack license and drive Yellow, no ratings and you get tips, and you can street hail.