Uber should fix their app

I arrived at the pax location, but the vulture taxis were blocking the entrance to the parking lot. I swiped “Confirm Arrival” but the button changed to “Start Trip” mid swipe. This happens a lot, actually. But then the pax didn’t show. I called three times and it went to voicemail. After waiting 5 minutes and 15 seconds, I tried to cancel the trip. I couldn’t, because it already started.

So instead of getting the $3.75 cancellation fee, I was paid $2.25. And because I complained - wanting them to fix the problem rather than crying about $1.50, they refunded the pax and now my account is $2.75 in the hole.

I do t even care about that. I want the app fixed. So I’m stating that in my replies. I just wanted to vent.

I haven’t had that happen before but I have had it confirm arrival on me when all I was doing was rating my last passenger when I have a second pickup waiting. They do need to do something about that. It is to easy to double swipe something.

Probably shouldn’t start the trip before the ride is in the car…I mean…it’s not fair to the pax…

He didn’t mean to start the ride. He was swiping “Confim Arrival” and it changed mid swipe to “Start trip”.

Lol, troll hard enough. The app does indeed switch midswipe. I am also in a debate with Uber support about this.

It is but sometimes when there is no way you can get closer due to where the pin is dropped you have to hit “Confirm Arrival”. It has happened to me several times when I pick up at a Store/mall and the pin is the middle of the bldg and there is just no way I can get any closer to the pin.

The app confirms arrival automatically once you’re in range. Then it starts the countdown. Shouldn’t need to do much Unless you cant get close to the marker

I have had to do it a couple of times. Normally at stores, malls, etc where the pin seems to be sitting in the middle of the bldg and there is no way you can get any closer.

Blocking a parking lot entrance? Isn’t that illegal? Sounds like a police call to me :slight_smile: Somebody needs a ticket

Uber recently changed the pickup function when they added the countdown timer to cancel. In doing that the confirm arrival glitches and force starts the trip now. They then do exactly what you complained about when you try to correct the situation.
They are in no hurry to fix the issue because they would rather you pay for the refund than them.

They are too busy flirting with the hot college girls. Another time the entrance to this same parking lot was blocked by cars, my 6 pax just got out in the street while I was waiting for the car in front of me to move - I was Lyft that night and it was an Uber driver - the idiot cop stared harassing ME because I was blocking traffic. I can’t prevent my pax from just exiting the vehicle while I’m at a complete stop. The Uber driver in front of me didn’t d
Get harassed. The vulture taxis causing the traffic jam because they block the aisle in the parking lot dodn t get harassed. So my conclusion is that the police officers there are all about proving just how poorly endowed they are in order to get attention.

That pisses me off with Lyft! It starts the trip without me touching the screen sometimes. Then this very situation happens. Really sux!

Yeah that’s the one thing I hate about Lyft if you are driving a way it will automatically start trip most of the time.

Maybe they can’t fix the app because its user error??? I’ve never had that happen.

Uber or Lyft?

If Uber, CALL them. I’ve had very good luck lately with support calls getting resolution.

Happens a lot? Nearly 4k trips… never happened to me.

I’ve never seen it change while I’m trying to slide confirm arrival, but the confirm arrival is only there a short time and when you’re 3 to 2 minutes out. Making it useless. He should have noticed it said start trip though.

The whole confirm arrival thing is useless. It wants you to do that 3 minutes out. Not possible. If Lyft can have a confirm arrival when you actually arrive, so can Uber! Get with the program Uber!!

Actually when I have started the trip like that by accident the customer has complained and said they were not in the car. And therefore I did not get a cancellation fee or a minimum fare fee because Uber took it away