Uber Services--Taxi, Express POOL, UberAssist, Car Seat, UberEspañol, etc. and Where to Find Them

Apart from the more popular service offered by Uber come a plethora of different services, some are national others local in scope. Most people have heard of UberX, UberPool, and Uber Black, but Uber operates over 11 different rideshare variations, and I decided to present these services to you. All these services appear in the Uber app you download and use, and if you live in an area that offers one or more of these services, you will see it appear in the list of available services in the app.

The Uber list of services available that people don't know exist, the list is arranged in alphabetical order.

Taxi Services offered by Uber, the name differs in each city, but the result is the same. You can use the Uber app to hail a standard taxi cab. You pay an Uber fee and a cab fee, but the price will not be more than the actual cab fare would cost without the app.

  • For Hire
  • Taxi
  • T
  • Cab

These services are found in NYC, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Toronto.

Uber Services

Express POOL (UberHOP)

What was once called UberHOP in the US is now called Express POOL. Express POOL is the Uber Pool service that has been rendered into full shuttle service. This means you get a pickup location and drop off location preset by Uber, and it costs a fraction of the UberX price. You will have to walk to the pickup location, pre-order the ride of course. You get dropped off at a predetermined location too, so make sure it fits your itinerary, so you walk as little as possible.

Uber Access or UberAssist

These two services provide an Uber driver and car that are especially accommodating to disabled, invalids and people that need assistance in mobility. These vehicles do not cover people with wheelchairs, that's a different service called Uber Wav. Many pensioners prefer this service to help them in and out of the vehicle, as well as some patients going to and from medical (outpatient) procedures.

This service is definitely offered in Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Seattle, and San Francisco and more.

Uber Car Seat

Most parents don't realize that UberX drivers don't usually have a spare baby or child car seat in the back. Some of the more 5-masterminded ones do have one in their luggage compartment, but in general, to be sure, order an Uber Car Seat if you have a child that needs special seating.


Si solo hablas Español, o si no hablas inglés lo suficiente, entonces puedes pedir un Uber Español. (Which means: If you only speak Spanish, or you don't speak English well enough, then you can order an Uber Español.)

This service is found in many California cities and Chicago; I wonder if it is available in Florida too?


This is Uber's carpooling service, where a driver picks you up from your location, and drops you off at your destination, but you share the car with other passengers that are within the same locational area. Being picked up first does not mean you get dropped off first, the process is GPS coordinated for efficiency.


UberLUX is like Uber Black, but in multicolor, you get a high-end luxury vehicle that can come in any color that the owner has, and the models include Rolls Royce, Mercedes S Class, Tesla Model S, BMW 7-Series. There are not many cars available since the owners have to agree to let us mere mortals near their godly carriages, those that do earn a lot of spare pocket money for their generous services.

This service is found Los Angeles and Miami.


This is Uber's delivery service, sort of like UberEats but not just for food. In this case, you get to deliver a package and not wait for one. In essence, it's Uber's courier service. This service comes with a $250 insurance for loss cover.

This service is found in New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago.


The Uber service for wheelchair assisted passengers. They either use a special vehicle that allows for wheelchairs to be used as a seat in the passenger area or a standard easy access vehicle where the passenger is transferred into a seat and the wheelchair stored away during the ride.

This service is definitely offered in Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Seattle, and San Francisco and more.


You will find that these services are not available in every city, in fact, there are major differences between each city. Omaha has 2 Uber services, while Seattle has 7. If you need a specific service, you can check out your city in the Uber app or on their site at uber.com/cities.