Uber Seattle Meeting Presentation: Policy Updates

Washington State Regulations Bill

  • Goal: Simple, consistent, statewide rules
  • Teamsters Organized Opposition
  • Work group – 2019 Legislative session

Collective Bargaining Ordinance (CBO)

  • Still on hold pending outcome of lawsuits
  • 9th Circuit hearing on Feb. 5
  • Decision expected between March & Summer

Announcing the new Sea-Tac Airport holding lot (Now Open!)

Improvements based on your feedback:

  • 200 parking stalls
  • Dedicated entry and exit lanes
  • Breakout room
  • Quiet room
  • Designated smoking areas
  • 24/7 traffic control staff
  • Closer to airport

Next Steps

More amenities in progress:

Restroom facilities–April 2018
Washing station–April 2018
On-site support–March 2018
Feedback box–March 2018
Information board–March 2018


TNC Uber Holding Lot
2902 South 171st, SeaTac, WA 98188

  • Located off International Blvd between MasterPark Lot B and Denny’s
  • Managed by Uber
  • Dedicated space available for uberBLACK
  • Only for 45+ mpg vehicles on uberX/POOL
  • Partners can still receive requests from the South 160th St. holding lot


For more details visit:

Airport Policy Updates

The Port of Seattle may issue you a citation when picking up at Sea-Tac Airport if:

Windshield does not display a valid and visible TNC endorsement
TNC For-Hire permit is not with you in the car

To comply with Sea-Tac rules, starting March 1, you will no longer be eligible to pick up at Sea-Tac Airport if you do not:

Upload your TNC endorsement
Upload your For-Hire permit

TNC Credentials

If you already have a permit upload it to your partner account

If you have received a notification from Uber to pick it up, visit King County Administration Building then upload your credentials

If you have not received notification to pick it up and your permit has been pending, visit the Greenlight hub to speak with an Expert

City of Seattle Driving Hours Regulations

Under Seattle regulations, you can be in control of a for-hire vehicle (for example, driving for a TNC) for up to 12 hours spread over 15 hours in any 24-hour period.

Driving Hours Tool

What does the Driving Hours tool do?

Launched on February 12th - you’ll get notified when you have:

  • 2 hours left of driving time with Uber
  • 1 hour left of driving time with Uber
  • 30 minutes left of driving time with Uber

Once you hit the limit, the app will go offline to reset for 10 hours

Common Questions

What counts toward driving hours?
The new tool counts time spent driving while you’re online.

What about trips not on Uber?
You are responsible for keeping track of your total driving time on the road to ensure that you follow Seattle regulations.

Uber by the numbers

  • 2% of trips results in a customer contact on average.
  • ~150 million contacts in 2017 (not including in person!)
  • In 2017 we interacted with 40% of riders and 80% of driver partners.
  • Support at Uber supports customers in ~80 countries and ~35 languages.
  • Agents who handle US and Canada support ~250 cities.

Improvements in 2017

Support agents segmented into lines of business, specializing in only handful of topics.
24/7 phone support launched across the US and Canada, available in 3 languages.
Escalations teams created to hand those frustrating, back and forth support interactions.
Standardized and implemented ~100 support policies, improving support consistency.
Redesigned safety related support to get back to customers within 1 hour.
New CSAT survey at the end of support interactions to better root cause poor experiences.
More automation underway! Switch city, edit vehicle, XL upcharge.

Introducing the Seattle Driver Lounge!

The Mobile Driver Lounge is an experience contained in a commercial box truck, that brings surprise and delight moments to drivers by offering restrooms, refreshments, and space to stretch and relax outside of their cars.

Targeted Locations

Type: Planned
Airport Lot :heavy_check_mark:
Local Events :heavy_check_mark:
Sport/Concert Venues :heavy_check_mark:
High Trip Areas :heavy_check_mark:
Iconic Locations :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Where you’ll find Uber driver support

New Airport Holding Lot
International Airport

Greenlight SODO Spot
1714 1st Ave S
Seattle, WA

Northgate Mall
401 NE Northgate Way
Seattle, WA 98125

The future of Seattle Greenlight:

The Greenlight 2.0 Hub is an opportunity to provide more than in-person support. It’s a moment to offer drivers a place to lounge, shop, and explore a multitude of new amenities. We’re extremely excited to deliver this new location to you, in late-Spring.

Feature: Confirmed
Brand New Support Facility in Seattle :heavy_check_mark:
Privacy During Interactions :heavy_check_mark:
Large Media Room (for classes) :heavy_check_mark:
Full Service Coffee Bar :heavy_check_mark:
The Shop :heavy_check_mark:
Car Wash & Detailing :heavy_check_mark:
Photo Booth :heavy_check_mark:
Kids Play Area :heavy_check_mark:

I never liked going to the old airport holding lot. It was POS! The portable restrooms were terrible.

I hope the new holding lot is much better. Either way, I’m not going to the airport. It’s such a waste of time. I don’t know how drivers are okay with waiting for an hour, sometimes way longer. Is $20 ride worth the wait? I certainly think, not!

It’ll be better than the honey buckets.

Limo and Taxi drivers at Boston Logan get prison type stainless steel shitters. Ride share drivers get a long walk. Drivers nation wide need to demand facilities at airports on par with what passengers get, period.

Yes, by all means, renovate this dump so the disgusting people can trash it again. Too many don’t know how to hit the pot, throw their paper all over the floor, crap on the seats and every other disgusting thing you can think of. That picture is all they deserve.

You hit it right on the spot. There are certainly lot of slobs in the Rideshare business and we definitely have our fair share up in Seattle. Some of those guys should be relegated to having to use a honey bucket for the rest of their life.