Uber says my car not eligible to do ubereats

Hey I’m sorry if this is going to seem like a stupid question. But I’ve been driving for almost a year. And I never, have ever gotten a quest or promotion. So I’m just wondering how exactly does this work? I just drive and at the end of eight days they pay me any incentives? It also says on the bottom of the promotion something about Uber Eats. However they say my car is not eligible to do ubereats. so does this impact my ability to collect on this Quest? Thank you in advance for any information!

I thought I had seen Posts in the past that said something about choosing which Quest you want. But I was trying to click on everything and nothing was a clickable link.

Technically it’s not better. I can’t collect on it. They say my current car is not eligible to do Uber Eats. So I guess it continues that in almost a year I’ve now had one promotion ever and I couldn’t even participate in it. :rofl::woman_facepalming:t3:

That doesnt make any sense. How can you qualify to take passengers but not Eats? It’s usually the other way around

I have no idea. I mean it’s an older car. But in South Florida we’re allowed to have cars up to 15 years old. I don’t know if that has something to do with it?

Older cars qualify for Eats. I’d honestly try to talk to someone else in Support about it. I know they suck but that really doesnt make any sense at all

I find that extremely odd that you qualify to drive passengers but your car doesn’t qualify to do UberEats. Like others have suggested, I definitely recommend visiting a Greenlight Hub or contacting Uber about that. Of course, whether or not actually doing UberEats orders is profitable is another question – but while I don’t do many Eats orders, I do like having the option of doing them and I’ve done a couple hundred in the past 2 1/2 years

Well I’m sure as you seen by reading through the comments, I did them in my previous car. When I go on my profile it says that I am already signed up to do eat. But then when I go online it says my current car is not eligible. I am definitely going to look into it further.

Ubereats is actually not even offered in the town I live in. The closest place is about a 45-minute drive. So that makes this Quest not even really worth it in the long run. I was honestly just surprised to see a quest offered at all, as this is the first-ever I’ve been offered in almost a year. Hopefully next time I’ll get some for driving instead. Thx for your help. :hugs:

It looks like maybe they’re introducing Uber eats in the area possibly and to make it s success it seems they’re offering an extra 3 bucks for each Uber eats delivery you make.

Somewhere in the app it says what your available to
Uberx pool Uber eats etc.
Just check Uber eats so your able to accept them and you’ll be on your way.

Has me signed up as Uber Eats under my last car. However with the car I’m driving now it keeps telling me my car is not eligible for Uber Eats. It’s possible they are going to bring it to our area, it’s not here currently.

And yeah, this looks like it’s only for UberEats. They give you the money immediately. So after one trip, a little party hat thingy comes up and says Congrats you completed a quest and the money goes on your account.

well then it must be a Uber Eats only. Because I have done two rides and gotten no promotion pay out immediately. That’s a shame. I wonder why they tell me my car is not eligible for Uber Eats?

If you have done a couple if rides check your Quest page and your weekly earnings page. When I had that one, it paid immediately as I did them, but didn’t show up in my daily earnings…

An update if anyone that was chatting with me yesterday was curious: I did two regular trips yesterday before I was able to contact help to get eats added back on. They added eats back on today. I have done one ubereats delivery today. No sign of an extra $3.

I did. They told me my deliveries weren’t within the promotional territory. I said there’s nothing on here about there being a promotional territory. So now I’m waiting for another reply.