Uber safety Inspection form--How to download (pdf) and print

(Brahim Decker) #1

Hey, does anyone here know where I can find the Uber safety Inspection form to download, print off, and take to a mechanic and have filled out? I can’t find it anywhere on the website or through the app to download and print. Thanks!

Free Vehicle Inspections and Requirements for Uber and Lyft
(Bick Bhangoo) #2

These three are the most common types of Uber safety inspection forms that are used. If none of these work, you can walk-in to a Greenlight hub and ask for the form.

(Christian Odom) #3

Uber / lyft 19 point safety inspection fee. Who pays for it?
Here in south Florida, the charge is from $60 to $42 (jiffy lube) per car. Do drivers bear this expense?
Got a new Lexus ES300h hybrid car that needs inspection before I can accept rides

(Audrina Jameson) #4

Lyft paid upfront for inspection. Uber, I had to pay and ask for reimbursement “with my first payment”… then Uber only wanted to pay me $20 until I complained, then they reimbursed the full amount.

(Peter Nelson) #5

There’s plenty of places here in SoFlo that do it much cheaper than that or if you know an ASE certified mechanic, print out the form and have them fill it out for you.

(April SInger) #6

Check on the dashboard of each platform. Lyft has reduced fee inspection stations. The first one is the only freebie. With Uber go to the green light location.

(Cody Parker) #7

Something funny: I kept putting off getting my car Lyft inspected. One day a few weeks back I check again, and it offered me the chance for a ‘self-inspection.’ I clicked yes, inspected, and now I’m on the road! Just like that!

In my market they are competing fiercely with uber, so I think they want cars on the road no questions asked at this point.

(Jerry Hall) #8

I did my Uber inspection and sent to Lyft. The denied it initially, but then I made a support request and asked if they could use it and she said yes and approved it.

(Abel) #9

Uber inspection center in Los Angeles used to give you a copy, and I used it for Lyft also. But that was over a year ago. Last (October 2016) yearly inspection at uber, they didn’t give me a copy. It was done paperless. So I had to pay to get one for Lyft.

(Trish Richardson) #10

During the inspection, they look through the interior for cleanliness, smell, stains, rips, and tears in upholstery and carpet. Make sure detailed inside and out- dress in a casual business like a job interview. You will be asked questions to determine if personality is a good fit for rideshare.