Uber Rider Not Willing To Help With Heavy Luggage

Got a ping @ 4:30 am in this wealthy neighborhood, pax coming towards the car struggling with her luggage (large n heavy) stated only thing missing is more luggage and husband, she brought other two suitcases out and went to get hubby. So I put the two suitcases in the trunk I could lift and wait for the husband to put the large heavy one in the trunk when he came out of the house. Standing by the driver’s side door and luggage by the trunk he passed and got in the car as well as his wife. So I got in the car as well now we all sitting in the car with trunk up and luggage outside now they are whispering what they said I don’t know. Mind you the wife knew the luggage was entirely too heavy for a woman because she drugged it to the car. Now he’s hissing and cussing, but he got out and put it in the trunk. I don’t mind assisting with luggage but when its heavy and a man is around!! I’m not your HELP. THEY PROBABLY RATE ME BAD, what do you think! Same thing when we got to the Airport.

Please, I’ve lifted heavy luggage in and out of my car on many occasions. Had a woman last night who had two large heavy suitcases and a small one. Could only get one of the big boys in the trunk the other when in the backseat. When we got to her drop off, I asked if she needed help getting the one out of the back seat, but she hauled it out with ease. Point is, always Help With Luggage, no matter how heavy. It’s called good customer service.

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They get excellent customer service. I get them from point A to point B in a safe and timely manner; I give great conversation in a nice air-conditioned car that is immaculately cleaned and smells like cherries with whatever music they want and a charger to charge their phone if needed. That is the extent of customer service they get from me because you know damn well these people very rarely tip. I have a torn sciatic nerve in my back from a car accident with an 18-wheeler not allowed lifting anything heavy there for unless you are a senior who absolutely needs help I am not going to put my back in Jeopardy for these people for a couple of dollar fare.

You probably will get a bad rating, unfortunately. I probably wouldn’t have just sat in silence though. Obviously, their expectations of uber/Lyft are not the same as yours(or mine- I rarely help with luggage). I would have said something though. Not just sat awkwardly. Even a little “I’m sorry, that luggage is too heavy for me to lift”

Passive aggressive. I ask, do you need help with that. It looks heavy. I’ll grab one end. Nine out of 10 times the guys say no. Not sure what these women put in their bag. But some are 100 lbs. I can’t do that anymore.

I don’t let passengers load heavy luggage in my trunk. That’s a good way to get your rear bumper scratched up. I don’t have any built-in bias where I’m looking for people to label me as “the help.” I just voluntarily do it because I don’t want my car damaged. For a driver that is female or with a medical condition and cannot lift 50 pounds, I would at least recommend getting out and assisting them so you can Minimize any risk of damage

Of course wealthy people… :roll_eyes: if I couldn’t get the last one in, when I saw him going to get in the car I would have said something to him like “hey, I was able to get the other things of luggage in, but this one seems too heavy for me to pick up.”

I am going to point out one thing that everyone has failed to acknowledge. The driver sat there and didn’t say anything to the Rider or ‘man.’

I agree that the man should have helped but speak up. Like I tell my wife, I am not a mind reader.

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You messed up in the beginning when you picked up their luggage. Stop being a sucker. No ones luggage is too heavy for them. They packed their own shit. At most you should open the trunk an say… please make sure you pick up your luggage and lift it over the bumper. When you act like and assume the role of the servant, then don’t get mad when you get treated like one.

ROFL you guys are wild. Passive aggressive, talking about communication while not communicating, “it’s the man’s job blah blah blah.”

As a man, I have no issue lifting luggage, holding doors, giving up jackets and all that and I’m a believer in chivalry, but it is not a man’s “job” to do anything for you. As a driver, you can decide whether or not it’s your job to help with luggage but you sure as hell can’t dictate what all men’s jobs are.

If you don’t have room for what people have - cancel. As far as lifting luggage, I do it. Not only does it keep my car from being scratched up I get kick ass tips for doing it.

Cab drivers lift it. It isn’t a mans job - it’s part of rideshare. Do you “have to do it”? No. But it kind of looks bad just to pull up and pop the trunk open and make it a self-serve deal. That’s me though. I’m doing this to make money.

I love what I do as well. This started out as a way to pay my new business debt off and I actually really like it, so I keep driving lol.
Yes, markets can vary - I’m on the beach in Clearwater, so I suppose I’ve been fortunate. It’s also a hustle at times. Hot and humid slinging suitcases LOL but most drop a $ 10, $20 or even more. I treat it like I did bartend and it works.
Be safe out there :slightly_smiling_face:.

What I don’t get is the double standard. In this age of equality women want to be treated exactly like men, but yet some people are saying it’s a man’s job to do this. My wife is stronger than me, and she would have lifted that luggage with no problem. But then again it all comes down to respect. If they were disrespectful to you, I understand why you didn’t do it.

LOL, your wife is not stronger than you. And we are not equal to each other. If your wife is as strong as you say. Which you claim is stronger than you. Then I suggest each of you take one punch to the jaw.

Now let’s see which one of you can break the other’s jaw, with one punch and knock you out. It’s not the woman.

Please go back to science class. I am not equal to you. But that’s okay. We can’t be. Because if we were both equal then you be f****** your wife in the ass because she wouldn’t have a vagina and she’d be a man.

So let’s stop saying we’re all equal and use our muscle between our ears. It just makes no sense

You don’t know my wife too well she’s six foot three and was raised on a farm and toughen up by her brothers. She lifted weights at the gym. She is a hell of a lot stronger than I am.

Well, you don’t know Medical Science too well either. It is empirically proven that men and women are not equal. Now you say your wife is equal. Again are you f****** her in the ass because she needs to be a man to be equal to you. Men have Superior upper body strength it’s in your DNA.

Your wife doesn’t have that. It’s nice that your wife is strong. I’m a strong woman but I am not as strong as a man, and I am not equal in that area.

Equal is not a negative word. It’s descriptive; it’s an adjective. Stupidity kills. We are not equal and never will be. You claim your wife as equal, yet you’re not a homosexual, and she’s not a man. Come on now try some logic. LOL. I’m so glad I did not get raised by dumb parents

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You have to be outright ignorant to think that every man is stronger than every woman. You look at some of these women on the bodybuilding shows and then look at some of the men who don’t ever do anything and that are short and scrawny. As a general rule man may be stronger than women, but they say that every man is stronger than every woman is just outright ignorant maybe you get f***** in the ass. I’m just pointing out the fact that these women want to say they’re equal to men in every way but then claim tradition when it falls in their favor

Don’t listen to all these pretentious drivers. They didn’t pay for lux or black car service so why should it be expect you be their personal butler and shofer for a flat rate price? No duh cab drivers help with luggage, they charge 3 times more than lyft or uber so they get PAID MORE. I live in a wealthy area and one thing I learned is these rich people don’t tip and are entitled. We are just drivers, anything else other than point a to b with good convos is above and beyond that