(Uber) Request/Customer mismatching error

(Jordan) #1

I’ll get a request, arrive at the customer’s supposed location, but upon calling they’re telling me that I’m at the wrong address and in fact they’re sometimes on the completely opposite side of town. Anybody else dealing with this?

I went to a hub and am expecting them to resolve the situation or at least figure out what’s going on by Monday morning.

(Brandon Bhangoo) #2

Did it happen only once? Sometimes, Uber automatically changes customers pickup location to improve the accuracy of the pick up point.

If it’s happening multiple times then the problem is on the rider side of the app.

(Jordan) #3

Right, well it’s been an on/off again issue. The pickup address shown on my end does not reflect the information that my customer provides upon calling.

You’re certain it’s to do with the rider app? Even the rep at the office seemed perplexed, in fact she escalated my case to her supervisor.

(Brandon Bhangoo) #4

I have been picking up riders today, and so far I had no issue finding them.

In the past I had riders who complained that the app switched their pick up location but it was rare.

Maybe, it’s a regional issue, not nationwide.

(Jordan) #5

Perhaps so. I’m assuming it’s a glitch associated with mixing up my location with another driver’s location, and mismatching only certain portions of rider’s information. That’s why a customer on the north side of town is getting me while at the same time I’m on the south side receiving their phone number and name, but a different customer’s pickup address than theirs. It’s so weird

(Bick Bhangoo) #6

Did any other driver in your area have the same issue? If it’s happening the way you’re describing it, the whole system is going to go bonkers! I bet a lot more drivers would be showing up at the Greenlight hub and customers complaining on Twitter soon.

(Jordan) #7

That’s why I’m on here, to see if other people have ever experienced the same issue. The rep at the Dallas greenlight hub mentioned the new update was causing some issues so this may be one of them. I’ve had other issues since the update as well which have since been resolved. The app behaved well for the rest of the day today, but my tolerance for things that hinder my ability to make a living has always been low. We will see if the issue has been resolved permanently over time