Uber refuses to accept my temporary registration


Car broke down.
Went and bought a new car.

The soonest I can get to my local hub during hours is monday, and I’ll lose the weekend.
(Lyft also hassled me and finally approved. Booyah)

Its a fucking legal registration. My registration wont come in the mail for several weeks.
Suggestions!? I cannot afford to not work. So frustrated right now.

Pennsylvania gives temporary registrations until the long term one shows up in the mail weeks/months later. My temp is dated expired 10/15/18 :persevere::persevere::persevere:

PA your temporary tags are good for 3 months from date of purchase to give the state time to send you the official one.

If it is a Governent issued document, how can they not accept it. If they want SN and colour and stuff take a pic and send them.

there’s a big difference between a cop pulling you over and Uber/Lyft’s policies. I can’t buy a village sticker in the town I used to live in with a temporary license plate because it was their ‘policy’, or rules just like this is Lyft’s policy or rule. So my comment stands. Their rule that they can’t or don’t take a temporary license plate. Period.

Well…your in ohilly…go to the hub…that’s easy. Also…probably smarter to gwt a real job and other rely on ride-sharing for income…it’s 1099 work and not guaranteef…but hey…that’s just my $ 0.02

you’ll just bitch about a problem inatead…that’s what social media is used for nowadays anyway…nothing constructive just whine whine whin…me first me now that’s not fair.

I would make a visit to the closest hub. I had to get another car for Uber. Paid :atm: and got temporary title. Took me 3 x before they FINALLY approved

Lyft usually looks for Year, Make, Model, VIN and Expiration Date of your registration (temporary or not) if one is missing or does not match what you have on your other docs, they wont approve it.

Ha they did the same shit when I bought a car in Maryland and I live an hour south in VA. I couldn’t do it myself according to them

Virginia’s slow ass to register my car. In the mean time I did Amazon Flex. If it’s available in your area I suggest doing it. It’s a hassle but I got paid $800 a week then add tips with Uber

Do you want uber number to call because it could be done over the phone uber always give hard time submitting paper and it has to be done like new car not replace what you have and also you can do it on computer. Your a current driver right?

I forgot how I did my altho my is different because I live in NYC try taking clear photos submit it and try one more call and curse them out and might work

ok so for now just do lyft and when you have time you would go to uber office gotta stay positive you have one working

You do realize 3 or 4 people including I said just drive lyft until the uber is resolved and you ignored tjem right. Calm down
…quit complaining and drove lyft while you sort out uber. Your wasting valuable time on fb when you could be lyft-ing folks around

oh when you talk to them on the phone some times you might get some one in the state but a lot of the time their agents are people from other country because they don’t have to pay them the min wage in the states they would pay them less

I went for car inspection on pep boys driving for lyft but the didn’t approved my car they said have little dent on door and gas cap door is missing but I am driving for Uber they don’t have any problems they approved my car and I am driving

Just a suggestion, see if they offer doordash in your area until you can get situated. Hope this helps message me if you would like a referral code as well :relieved:

Lyft is no better, I moved, got a temporary insurance card,from an authorized agent but because the insurance card does not state specifically that it is insurance from the new state Lyft will not allow me to drive

Try waiting til the last minute to renew your license and have to use a temporary. Uber is a fucking asshole with temporary paperwork. Lost a week of work