Uber pricing in small cities in Canada

(Peter Stevenson) #1

Over the past year I have found that Uber prices have gone from about 15% less than the local taxi company , to consistently (at regular pricing) 10% higher. I am going back to using taxis again.
I am also seeing that the Uber drivers are playing “games” on what fares to pick up or not. thank you to the uber tracking app. I prefer the taxi system - if the office says you take the fare - you take the fare. I do not want water , I do not want candies - i want superior service and being picked up when the app says I will be picked up. i am writing this here hoping Uber is watching this board, because they are not watching their own systems for customer comments. Or I feel that way, because of lack of acknowledgment of even the simplest communication I send them.

(Bick Bhangoo) #2

Here in Seattle same story. If Uber knows you are rich they will charge you more. I have seen it on almost all the airport trips. If you are going to Airport they charge the customer more but pay driver same amount, which is quite low if there is no surge bonus at times. So, they are trying to be clever and fool both driver and the rider, which will lead to decrease in the quality of service and drivers picking and choosing the best suited fares and also more cancellations.

(Greg) #3