Uber playlist ideas?

I’ve never had a rider ask me for the Aux cord, Bluetooth or to use the app for their music…and my taste is extremely diverse thankfully. I like ALL music, so I put my phone on shuffle but it always seems awkward and sometimes I end up turning the music down super low if I can’t hit a decent song that won’t offend my rider :joy: (nothing like going from the offspring to MoneyBaggYo while you have a 65 year old grandmother in your back seat…:worried:) and I don’t wanna hear my passenger breathing lol I can’t help but feel weird.

Just something to keep on default while I drive until someone ends up asking for their own music?

My radio is on 90s-2000s hip hop and R&B 95% OF my pax love it lol…the other 5% just stay quiet

ow loud do you keep the music? I feel like if I turn it up normal volume that people would be upset so I always keep it so low😫

I do 2000s hip hop and r&b and they love it. Sometimes they will tell me to turn it up. Sometimes we are talking the whole time and the music plays in the background but I get a ton of compliments on the music. If I see that it’s an older crowd I am picking up I usually change the station before they get in. Normally to 90s country.

You’ll be surprise with what the older crowd will jam too…haha

Sometimes I leave it. Haven’t had any problems. Sometimes I just turn it all the way down. A lot of older people want to know my lifes story before I drop them off lol

I play 80’s. Haven’t had a complaint and,people in there 60’s to kids singing along to songs

I use Amazon music playlists. You can download them on WiFi and not use data on the road.

I put on NPR. It often gives us a topic to converse about, or they will ask that it be turned up, and then I don’t have to talk at all. :wink:

Thanks y’all for the input! Seems like r&b is the way to go lol. I don’t listen to the radio very much. I have tens of thousands of songs on my library and besides, I like having the GPS talk through the stereo.

I keep Pandora on “Easy Listening” and it plays a wide variety and I also turned off the “allow explicit content”. I hardly ever feel embarrassed by what’s playing. If a kid is in the car I might end up skipping some songs, but it’s not a problem.

I always go to jazz or soft indie rock on the long quiet nights. Music I think makes makes people feel more comfortable.
But customers love when I ask to give them the AUX cord, when they want to play their music their faces light up :triumph:

4 stations. hip hop.top 40.easy listening. and counrty. you can usually tell who and what.

Rock Station on Spotify never fails, I have had passengers asking me for an AUX cord before!

Soft rock from my favorite bands that may not be soft bands most of the time. And 80’s.
But I like to ask what they’re REALLY into. Sometimes they’re into extreme metal and I get to jam my thrash. Or I learn about unfamiliar bands. I love talking music with them.

SiriusXM Backspin (old school rap), First Wave, Rock Hits, or if I know its teeny bopper/20 something girls - “Hits”, all at a medium quiet level.

I have my radio set at music that is nice on the ears yet won’t put you to sleep. When I pull up to a pickup and I see that the Pax is older I put on classical music always at a low volume even on regular stations when it goes too loud I can’t hear navigation and I will turn it down. Or they’ll end up paying for me missing the drop off

I usually just put on “road tripping” on pandora. Or I have a thumb drive with 80’s and 90’s. I constantly have riders singing along no matter the age. Seems pretty universal.

I ask what they like and they typically say they like all kinds of music, blah blah blah. I say what are you really into, what’s your “go to”? Then we have fun. Well, as long as I don’t hate what they’re really into.

I haven’t been able to get the in-app Pandora to work. It says to connect Bluetooth or Aux cable but once I do that, it shows me stations to click on but nothing happens… Any idea why?