Uber Phone Number? Does Uber have a phone number for drivers?

What is Uber’s Phone Number for driver issues? Thanks!


Uber Phone Number: 1-800-593-7069

It’s in the app. Top right corner in the “help” section. There’s a phone icon you can’t miss it.

Question: I had to buy an emergency new phone, and the old phone won’t release my old number to the new phone for five days. Is there any way for me to log in to Uber/Lyft to change my phone number so I can continue working?

I signed in with email on uber but won’t log in until I hear directly from them concerning the phone/number changes. Lyft asks for the phone number and dl number.

I thought Uber discontinued the help number.

Lyft uses the phone to log on online too. I got to uber, but I won’t go online until I hear back from them. Don’t want any stuff out of either one of um about my monies.

They’re quite dingy on the phone and Uber hasn’t given us lowly drivers in Mobile AL. A hub yet. The closest one is in New Orleans, 200 miles away. I’m getting mix messages from the self-called support team.
One instructed me to go online and update but failed to inform me that if I didn’t have the phone, it wouldn’t work. Phones in repair hence NEW PHONE NEW NUMBER, duh. So I go through the process only to find that THE FINAL PROMPT IS TO SEND BACK CODE SENT TO OLD PHONE, IN THE SHOP! LETTERS won’t GET ANY BIGGER. HOLD UP. !!!. They say I can drive but I better not need to call the rider because they, UBER, is going to send the messages to THE OLD PHONE. IN THE SHOP. !!! Uber can’t update the number for me ON THE PHONE! Now they can run a rideshare service ON A PHONE, but they can’t figure out HOW TO UPDATE IMPORTANT ACCOUNT INFORMATION ON ONE. Go figure. So, to take matters into my own :raised_hand:’s, I’ll drive and be very careful not to nav to the wrong address. Wish me Uber luck.

Cell phone ports are supposed to take 24 hours. Buying a new cell phone with the same carrier should have gotten you activated immediately with the same number. If you rate doing a port to a new carrier, you should be getting calls and text from your old number within an hour.

The industry is being targeted with port fraud. Thieves are stealing consumers’ phone number. So they take a little longer than usual. Just being vigilant. But five days sounds like an MVNO port.

Yeah. MVNO’s are bad about those. Been in the industry for over 17 years and watched them screw them up so many times.

Do you mean you ported your phone number? Bc simply buying a new phone doesn’t call for you to be without service for days.

I bought a new phone twice this week. The first phone a bought was a refurbished did. Lost out with that one. It didn’t solve the original issue. The ported number to that phone in 20 mins. However, the second time around the first replacement phone is making me wait five days to port original number to 2nd phone. That’s the problem. The original issue was Lyft’s error report of our network is not responding try again later, FOR 3 WEEKS. Lyft said I needed to update to 7.0 or higher. Android. That’s what I did. The first phone worked for a day then tapped out. The third phone works fine with uber. Worked last night. Yes, uber couldn’t send messages to me, but I could call the rider to find them. Can’t check lyft til I can log in with old number, on the phone, in the shop. :slight_smile: Good morning

No one ever believes me that I have spoken to support on the phone. They are a glorified email service. They can’t do very much if it’s complicated. They take the info down and forward to “the local team.”

800-353-UBER. You should memorize this number. When shit goes south, like way south, this is the number to call. They won’t help you with account stuff, but pax threats, assaults, or injuries they are all over. If you have a pax that has no ID, passes out in your car with no address that’s good to take them to, they will advise (keep in mind I drive mostly the asshole shift.)

@dennis Thank you for posting this! I have longed to find a LEGIT uber number. I’m saving this on my phone now.

Do Uber representatives ever reach out and call Uber drivers. About asking for your email and password and phone number. I got a call telling me to cancel my ride I was about to pick up. They would give a $30 promotion for cancellation, and if you did 50 rides by March 31, it would be another promotion of a $ 100. Somehow they text me asking for mi info I put the wrong email in and password it seem like a scam. Make a long story short after I didn’t answer the phone or text my phone number associated with my account would not let me be in contact with my Uber riders or be able to text them last night. I was still able to do my rides tho .(jus confused about this phone call )

It’s a scam. Happened to me. They will immediately call you after requesting the ride… saying about getting extra $$ b.s.

I was a bit confused when it happened to me.

They told me to pull over safely to get more info which I did. They asked for my phone number which I wearily gave them. Then I got this text attached. I immediately knew it was a scam when I saw the text. Looked so cheesy.
They try to get your login info to get access to your app to transfer your bank info to theirs. You did the right thing.

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I received a legitimate call from UBER while waiting at a restaurant for an UBER EATS order, which took nearly 40 minutes. I explained the order wasn’t ready and apologized to the customer upon delivery.

Nothing like you mention, however.

I got one of these calls what’s an idiot that sounds like he’s from America. That’s the part of it that made it too good to be true. Uber doesn’t handle anything with the Drivers in the US. It’s always somebody from India or somewhere else Where’s Waldo in the world they’re located.
Either way, when this happens to me, I strung the guy along until I got to the pickup location. And I just sat there and kept him talking. The person you talk to you over the phone is not the person that’s handling the fraud. The fraudsters are located somewhere else outside of the US, and they have a message based system, similar to Facebook messaging, where they message back and forth with the kid in the US that’s on the phone.
The way that they’re able to call you is by requesting a ride, then calling/texting the driver through the app. Once they’ve established contact, they try to coax you into canceling the ride before the 2-minutes are up so that there’s no cancellation fee charged. Beyond the 2 minutes, it can get canceled. However, if the pickup point is within a mile or so, you’re better off driving to the pickup point and waiting for the 5 minutes to expire. Even if they terminate contact prior the five minutes wait the five minutes so that you can cancel and get the fee. Otherwise, they still have an opportunity to request a fee waiver while you’re driving to the pickup.
At a minimum, I at least want to get paid the cancellation charge if my time is going to get wasted.

When it happened to me, I played the dumb Act as if I didn’t understand. And then I ask for more information before I cancel the ride. If they wouldn’t get specific with me, I told them that the make sure that it’s a verified cancellation that I need more information. Then after the two minutes, it takes by, and they’re pushing you for a cell number, I look in my contacts for someone else I know with a mobile number. Of course, they’re going to try to get into your account. I need the codes going to be sent that person’s mobile number. Meanwhile, the person that gets the code doesn’t understand what it means or even if when they do they’re going to disregard it or try to log into their account. You’ll never get the code, but you can make one up and give it to the fraudster. All this is doing is buying you some time to the five minute Mark and having a little fun in the process

Does anyone know the address and phone number of Uber & lyft that could be used on an application for another job?

You are self-employed - there is no # to provide for either co’s – Lyft address is at the bottom of daily summary - pretty sure you can google Uber address on the market st in SF.

On application, you write

Company: Your name or Business name if LLC

Address: The address you run your business out of (usually your home)

Phone: your number

Job Title/Position: Independent Contractor

Monthly Income: Gross Net Taxable Income (Average Gross Revenue - Business Costs - Deductible Expenses)