Uber offer greater rewards for driver referrals than they do for actual driving

That might be one reason for unrealistic reporting of earnings. Uber always gives potential hourly earnings before expenses and before they take their cut. Potential hourly earnings are often based on very casual work only possible to achieve through strict cherry picking.

Just do your best and work it as long as you can… What you are experiencing is pretty much the reality of what taxi drivers fear and oppose in Uber. My understanding as a taxi driver, my fear is that when the day comes that I don’t make any money driving taxi, well, Uber drivers wont be making any money either.

Those long rides you spoke of can become a daily gig for you. Chat up the nice ones, get to know them. If you feel safe with them and they like you see if you can drive them daily. Exchange numbers (not the Uber number).

They call you, turn off the app, drive to their place. They get in your car turn on the app, they send the request you get the ping. get 2 or 3 of these for each day and you will make a bit of money that you can count on.

You are complaining, that’s what you are doing wrong. Enjoy the ride! 5 blocks or 50 miles. It’s money for you, experience for you, you see new places, meet new people, and have a great time! Don’t try to figure anything out except where you want to drive that night (or day).

If you are doing this part time, you are experiencing the part time dilemma to rideshare driving. If you are driving full time, be patient. Enjoy your job. If you are passionate about driving, you will get what you want. If you are just trying to make a few extra bucks, it’s not really going to work the way you THINK it should work. Relax, you’re doing great!

All drivers should read ubers terms and conditions every word of it then read the partnership agreement word for word
If you still think driving for uber is a good idea please check in to the closest mental institution

only do uber if you enjoy doing it. having confidence to quit your job because you can do uber is silly. only do it if you like it and only part time busy hours. get a real job asap.

considering the perks we receive driving uber, flexibility, if you need more money drive extra hour, no boss looking at me, no time to report to work, you work you get paid

There is some variation by market and certainly by service level (X vs. XL vs. SUV, etc.) You say you are making $20/hr after gas “and all of that.” Does all of that include increased maintenance and depreciation? Do you keep track of all the miles you drive and what expense rate do you use on those miles?

remember, uber SUV is $4.30 per mile (San Diego) and a $25 minimum,
I sit around a lot and still do 2000 per week gross (average) and i clear about 800.

Honestly I don’t keep track of those stats to a tee. The car I use to uber with (2012 Ford Focus) was a graduation gift, im not making any payments on it. I own it. 60,000 miles on it. So last Friday I worked 10 hours. After uber 20% I made 234.00$ I drove 110 miles.

The only thing you are doing wrong is trying to make uBer X a paying gig. It’s not, it’s for fun, it’s great for writers looking for characters, or guys looking for girls, or girls looking for guys, or girls looking for girls, or guys looking for guys, or girls looking for two guys. But for money? Sorry, those days are long past.

Most of the advice on this thread is exactly correct. I am actually pretty surprised that the Uber spin doctors are not on this thread. UberX is in fact broken, your preliminary observations are mostly accurate.

No offense meant but chalk it up to a life lesson and try to get your job back or get another and move on… I am not trying to be nasty, but that is the reality of it.

You’re doing nothing wrong. What you are doing is learning how Uber works. Your observations are accurate and valid. Average Uber net profit is typically between $7 and $9 per hour. And you’re seeing why. You’ll be fine.