Uber now is much better for drivers

I think I will start to take less and less rides with lyft. Lyft will accept next rides without asking you, will not opt you out of line, will start your ride if you move your car while driving after hitting arrive, won’t let your pax cancel after the ride starts, will deactivate if you cancel to much and you can’t specifie what was the cancelation for, stop feature that paxs abuse and much more. Lyft app is inferior to uber. It looks like the crowd on lyft is worse than uber. What do you think?

I receive more cancellations with Lyft. When I am well enough on my way to them. However, I will continue to work both apps for whichever keeps me busiest.

That is because 2 min after requesting a ride with uber you will get charged if you cancel. Another reason to prefer uber.

Uber remains my main source 1100+ rides. 440+ rides with Lyft. The new updates definitely sway in their favor. Less drivers for lyft means less nearby rides for a pax. That is not good for lyft and one of the main reason most paxs prefer uber. I know cause I ask them.

I am happy for you. I just think you are wrong thinking less drivers mean more pings for you. It means riders will go with uber more.

I love Lyft as a rider and as a platform. Every car I’ve had to pick me up was clean and newer, the driver was friendlier. I’m not saying Uber doesn’t offer that, but most of my.uber rides have been lack luster. My kids even hate to ride uber from my 16-21 yr. I am truly pleased with the lyft platform both as a driver and a rider.

The Lyft app still look the same from 2 or 3 years ago , the uber app is well designed and I’m not saying it doesn’t have its flaws but still way better than Lyft. And before I get one Lyft ride , I would have completed 5 or 6 uber rides

In 9 months of driving for lyft, I haven’t had 1 drunk person barf in my backseat… I see more uber shenanigans going on vs lyft… j/s

If your record is good and u have nothing email them … When I applied I got a message saying I could not drive for Lyft I was like huh… I have nothing I emailed them and they said it was a mistake

Because if I do it then I increase the chance of getting deactivated. If the pax is not exactly at the arrival point lyft starts the ride and then your options for you is that you cancel or finish the ride. If you choose to finish the ride with no pax in the car then the pax will rate you badly and file a complaint about you.

I have been in trouble a few times with lift because the app started my ride after arriving and then moving like once at walmart. Was in front waiting and then had to move to let other cars go and it started my ride. I get a email soon after telling me to stop starting my rides early. Smh

I’ve been driving for Lyft over a year and was making good money. It seems like since I started driving for Uber about 3 months ago I can’t get a damn ping from Lyft. It has gotta to the point I don’t even turn my Lyft app on because I make good money with Uber.