Uber not allowed to stop and wait anywhere on airport property

We have to go to a service drive a mile or so away from the airport and wait for pings there. Our airport is blocked within a geofence and you can’t get any pings inside anyway. We also cannot wait behind the taxi stand (this is where we are required to pick up pax) and can only enter the airport if we’re dropping off a pax or if we received a ping from outside the geofence and then can only pick up behind the taxi stand under the pre-reserved ride signs.

Yes, the cell phone lot is supposed to be for friends and family of passengers to park an hour or less to pick up arriving passengers. Commercial vehicles are prohibited.

With Southwest as a hub in BWI, - business has increased. The presence of Uber has also helped increase business by making a more affordable option than longterm parking(much less cab fare) for travelers.

You’re very lucky. You need to know all of the laws, regulations and rules where you are driving, including the airport. There are places where driving is illegal and they can impound your car or give you thousands in tickets.

BWI is such a crapshoot it could be a very short trip to nearby hotels or right into the city, just like DCA. Not sure why these two airports have so many drivers waiting like it’s a UN refugee camp.

That goes double for the cab drivers at National. Even before they built those holding pens for the cab drivers, I never understood why most drivers worked that line. Now that they have those holding pens, it is even worse. I will pass over the fender scraping contests, for now.

Geez I was at Logan in Boston driving a new Ford van to cargo and this taxi was so mad like I was cutting the taxi line on purpose. Yes I was in the wrong lane, relax, I’m not working for Travass in this van and no I didn’t cut him off. People are desperate

I just want to know what law exactly I was breaking. I saw no signs stating I could not park there. The queue at the time was just 10 minutes so I was not planning to wait long.

You need to know what your airport regulations are in your area. Those rules only apply to airports so it’s not like you’re Googling what a stop sign is. Some have paid thousands in tickets and you can get your car impounded. I’m not sure if there is a link on the airport website for information.

You suggested how to get away with driving in airports where it is illegal, some counties and state’s in the process of regulating driving is illegal too. If you get caught driving you will be paying thousands in fines. Some will impound your car. Make sure your $20 trip was worth it.

Why would i? I’m just some jackass chillin’ in the phone lot. All they think (or they think they know) is that I’m waiting for my friends or family to land. Don’t be an idiot and talk to the police.

Not sure where you are at but it’s $1000 in some states if you get caught driving around online without your trade dress especially if you pick someone up.

I hear you and am certainly trying to understand why it is a good idea to use the trade dress. I’m not against the idea completely, I’m just not hearing how it IS a good idea and I’m not understanding how people are getting caught without it.

To be honest I just deleted that post. It looks like there was something wrong with the server and it directed me to your old post. I do not use the trade dress, I don’t like people to know I’m driving. Some airports require trade dress. Some airports do not allow driving at all.

It’s not the the trade dress. Every airport has their own regulations. Regulations are laws that apply to limited areas. You can’t bring a bomb to the airport and your car must follow their regulations or you pay fines in the thousands and can get your car taken.

Real simple. The city (at least in our area) have people who use the Uber apps to locate a working car. Then they place an order and observe the operator driving a “for hire” vehicle without proper identification. In Portland, the Uber/Lyft stickers must be easily visible in both front and rear windows.

Thank you for that. I don’t know about these things because I’m not as smart as you are. After all, I am merely an Uber driver. I have no ambition nor intelligence to advance myself to higher levels of progress.