Uber needs to come up with some mechanism to alert drivers about a long trip in advance

Either notify driver if trip will be over 20 miles, or let driver set “Max Trip Limit” in their profile. Neither of these are cherry picking - seems simple and practical to me.

I was within 30 minutes of wrapping up this evening, picked up PAX, and learned they needed to go 65 miles! Pax thought I knew destination when I accepted ride and was very understanding. Got problem solved to everyones satisfaction.

Good suggestion! I would assume that be by text? Would that be considered, I guess, poor etiquette? I don’t want to drive long distances but, then again, I don’t want to piss off a bunch of people.

This is called cherry picking and Uber will be none too happy about it. Expect someone to very quickly report it to Uber with your text messages asking about their destination and refusal to transport them as proof.

Don’t text while you drive! Ask them when you arrive. I do every time before hitting “begin trip”. If they say “I typed it in” just tell them you need to verify…

If he’s doing Uber right he’s parked when he gets his pings. Plenty of time before you move to text something to the pax. Don’t tell me you drive around looking for pings?

I do not particullarly like the longer trips here, either. The short trips are bad because of that dollar. You are better off with one fifteen dollar trip than three five dollar trips. I prefer the trips between ten and fifteen dollars.

Another reason I prefer short trips is so I can also be available for my family. We have more drivers than cars in my family so, if I’m on a long trip and someone else needs to use the car for something like a doctor’s appointment, we have a problem.

You guys do not have a clue. Why would you drive during commute? You pick your own hours!!!
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So your best bet is to stick to areas you know people don’t ride far. In Chicago around midway airport cab drivers hate the area and the airport because ANYONE who wants a ride typically goes a couple of blocks.

That text can get you removed from service. Your not supposed to ask what the destination is before you get in the car in fact you can get put out of service as a taxi driver doing that for gandulf orders.

All a customer has to do is report you and you might get a warning or put out so be-aware. It should still be apart of UberX training to never text or call unless it’s absolutely nessarary.

The Uber training actually says to text passengers rather than call, and it does help to help to alleviate issues with PAX beforehand. It also helps to confirm the destination - as I’ve had PAX tell me to go one place and the app says another.

I agree with that but it does cause problems. For example let’s say your a taxi driver in Chicago you love ohare but hate midway you call the customer and ask where they are going and tell you midway so they cancel.

Uber is a rideshare. You want a taxi get a taxi
Don’t text and drive. You’ll leave a record
Drive as far as possible we get paid by mileage not by safe rider fees
Dont post here if your an employee of Uber

Most pax enter their destination after requesting the car…only people who need a fare estimate enter it before requesting, so a driver’s limit on pax destinations prior to accepting the call wouldn’t really work 90% of the time

I haven’t been on here in a while, so haven’t read many of the posts until now. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who doesn’t care for the current Uber process of not letting the driver know the destination until you pick up a PAX.