Uber Miami Prices Raised?

Is it true Uber raised prices in Miami?
Does anyone know if they are taking more than 30% now?

Dont confuse what pax pays Uber and what we get paid, what they pay Uber has no bearing on our pay.

Yeah, but it appears they increased the per mile rate and the per minute rate. I just want to know if they also increased the commission they take from us.

you would have got notification of your contract change.

It was never a percentage. You are owed a per mileage and per minute rate.

Really? So uber doesn’t take any money from my trips? Do I get to keep the whole fare?
I don’t think so bud. They take a commission off of every ride.

The fare isn’t yours though. They pay you based on how long your drive took and how far you drove. Time and mileage.

If you look at any of the rides, Uber breaks down exactly how many minutes and how much they paid for those and how many miles and much they paid for them. What you make is entirely irrelevant to what the pax paid.

Because what we get paid is a percent of what the passenger pays.
Do you not know how commission works?
The passenger pays Uber, and we get a percentage of whatever the passenger pays.

I feel like you are trolling me or you just don’t know math.

By your logic, Uber can take whatever they want from us since there is no set commission.

Where did you read that Uber takes 30%? Or 25%? Or any rate, for that matter? I’m curious…I don’t recall it being in terms of service or in any if Uber’s publications anywhere.

However, I can see that what I make is based on the formula (Timerate)+(Mileagerate). Insert the rates for your specific market into the appropriate spot.

They can. Because we don’t get paid on percentage. Our pay rate is very very very much based on time and mileage. They might throw in promotions or a long pickup fee, but that’s about it.

In the Houston market, we make 8 cents a minute and 69.75 cents a mile. However, Uber charges 11 cents a minute and 93 cents a mile.

Doing the math, yes. I do get 75% of the mileage rate. However, I only get 72% of the minute rate. If we get paid on commission, shouldn’t those percentages be the same?

At least I can do that math with Uber. Lyft doesn’t disclose our rates…so I have no idea how much I make with them in Houston.

Keeping transparency to a minimum is far worse of a thing than Uber does.