Uber Miami Instant Pay Not working

Instant Pay in Miami market hasn’t worked for me since 6/20. Responses from support have been pure comedy. I use a ten-year-old established WF bank account/debit card with no security risks. They haven’t told me it’s being held due to security risk, they haven’t told me anything meaningful, good or bad), and I also acquired an Uber GoBank debit card just in case this was all about Uber “wanting” drivers to use GoBank. Neither will work. Everything else works, still get requests, everything adds up, and today my balance is gone because it’s doing the weekly thing which takes three more days. Is anybody else in Miami or elsewhere unable to cash out with Instant Pay?

Never had a problem with Wells Fargo and Instant Pay. Spoke with Wells Fargo in person in branch and they researched it and told me no known issues on their end. As you noticed, it’s also not working with GoBank. I uninstalled the app, reinstalled the app, and nothing changed. I have not yet gone to hub office because - and I know you’ll find this incredibly hard to believe - their Miami hub is in the middle of the city where there is no parking, and they tell you that parking in “on the street only.” Yeah, good luck with that. They put their Hub in Miami in such a place that it’s a nightmare to get to during the week due to traffic when they keep hours. To go to their hub will kill at least a half day. What a bunch of horseshit. I shouldn’t have to kill a half day of work (any work, Uber or whatever else) just to get an answer to why I can’t get my money when they told me I would get it before I did the work.

Sometimes, Uber holds pay if they received a fine from city/airport on your vehicle. In SFO these cowards just grab your license and never even talk to you.

That’s good to know, thanks. In my case, I’m hardly ever at the airport. I never do pick ups there because I don’t sit in the queue. When I drop off a passenger, it goes pretty smoothly. Quick. My two airports, MIA and FLL are pretty clear (and easy) about what I can and what I can’t do and I follow the regs. So I don’t think that’s what it is.
Can I find anybody else out there besides me that’s having their own issue in Uber Miami market using Instant Pay?

So I used Instant Pay for Uber on Sunday Night to cash out $404 which were my earnings from Thursday through Sunday. My $56 from Lyft cashed out just fine. As of Monday morning, $304 of my money was not showing up in my bank account but was displaying in my account history as deposited.

I contacted my bank, and they said that the first $100 was processed but that it appeared as though the sender did not have enough money available to cover the full deposit. The bank processed the amount to the nearest 100 dollar amount that would process and that they would retry the deposit each day until the full amount would process.

The full amount processed this morning, which just so happens to be the same time when any remaining funds from Uber would be directly deposited anyways, but it did not show up as a separate line item which means that no additional deposit was made and that my bank was likely telling the truth and was repeatedly attempting to re-process the original transaction until it cleared in full.

This is concerning because it involves money that I earned. I can only think of two things. 1. Insolvency, creating an inability to pay out funds due to excessive spending (potentially including lawsuits) and debt. 2. Uber had some kind of accounting/processing error that caused a severe delay in the processing of 3/4 of my money.

Neither concept makes much sense to me but Uber’s lack of a response when I inquired about this issue on Monday evening doesn’t make much sense either; almost like they are ignoring it or don’t wish I acknowledge its occurrence. Lastly, what is the point of paying $0.50 to cash out via instant pay if you don’t receive 3/4 of your money until the regular direct deposit day for the prior week anyways?

With uber, I use their bank which is go bank, and they send me a debit card in the mail. I can use it anywhere. I transfer the money from app to go bank. Then I got to free Atm and take out my money and go to my bank and deposit, or you can do an automatic transfer from go bank to your account. I just prefer to take it out and go deposit. I get it right away.

They are having financial problems because they wouldn’t have started the upfront pricing scam if they weren’t and they have not turned a profit in several years (like ever really) as they lost 3.1 Billion dollars last year after applying revenue. Therefore I think in conjunction with the recent PR issues, lawsuits, losing big-name investors, lack of profit and a recent severe decrease in market share, insolvency could very well be a real issue either now or in the future. Hell, they don’t even reimburse for tolls in my market (Maine) they used to reimburse me for even with receipts.