Uber Miami Driver Was Fined $250 As He Was Not Able To Speak English

Carmen Hechevarría, an Uber Miami driver, was given a fined for $250 at Miami International Airport as he was unable to communicate in English which violated the county requirements for drivers.

I’m Mexican with a strong accent, but gringos tell me I have good grammar. But when people say you have to learn another language. Is the people that only knows one language. So I know I’m better than them by knowing at least two languages. I’ve met pretty cool Americans that started to learn Spanish. It makes everything so much easier. They got tons of questions and doubts about Spanish.

Where do they come up with this stuff? 73 percent of American households are bilingual? That would mean for every ten households less than 3 speak only English. I would say the opposite may be closer to accurate.

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What’s funny to me is I’m sure this wasn’t this person’s first trip… seems like they were getting along ok with or without English. I mean. … u follow an app… anything above that is just people talking to talk or to pull tips shrugs

After Travis took his 9 billion dollar retirement fund. The so-called value of Uber went from $85 Billion to, presently, around $40 Billion. A lot of investors are asking why they are not receiving any profit and are suing to have their investment dollars returned. Uber is desperate and hiring anyone and everyone they can. They are cutting back and the amount of commission they give the drivers in order to maintain their salaried staff. Uber biggest expense is their continuous advertising for new drivers. These new drivers, some of whom, will receive even less return on their labor. You will see more and more violence and accidents by untrained, not background checked, desperate drivers.

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Every immigrant should learn the language and abide by the customs and laws of the country he’s living now. And don’t try to shove me that cr4p of diversity. Put diversity into practice first by learning a new language.

How do you know they were getting along. My uber driver was getting along also. However, he was taking me to Miami from ft. Lauderdale when I was going to West Palm Breach. I guarantee my driver is still driving.

For the slower audience, it’s a three-sided joke.

First, almost any time you see drivers being subjected to laws and local regulations, we love to beat our sticks and scream that we’re independent contractors.

Second, I have doubts that there’d be as much of an issue if a driver only spoke French or German instead of Spanish.

Lastly, as Jordan pointed out in the most lovely way, Google Translate exists. Drivers and pax alike have access to it because they have the smartphones required to use the app. Language barriers, therefore, are not insurmountable.

In order for uber to operate in Florida, this was one of the stipulations. So those who do not speak English they should be deactivated. Not my policy it’s an uber requirement.

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It’s not uber requirements but it’s the requirement for any Miami driver that wants to do transportation, they must speak English.and this is a good thing

It sounds like it’s a county law for pickups at that specific airport… And if I really need to speak to someone badly, there are translator apps for that I personally don’t want to speak to anybody and just drive

Who the hell moves to a country without learning the primary language? And why would they
do something that requires them to communicate in a language they don’t understand? Also, it’s not that hard to pick up the basics of most languages within the same family, at least enough to satisfy the requirements. That’s just pure laziness on the driver’s part.

Testing the app.