Uber Miami Commission Increased?

(Trish Richardson) #1

I have a question, guys. I drive in Miami.
Did Uber raise their commission or something?
This doesn’t seem right.

It says $1.05 per mile, and I only get $0.6825 per mile.
That’s %65 instead of %70.
Uber Miami Commission IncreaseUber Miami Driver Earning

(Hassan) #2

You never got this? They did it to the entire US

(Peter Dave) #3

So basically they increased the rates and increased their cut without saying they increased their cut. Because I am getting 65% of everything instead of the 70% I’ve been getting the last two years.

(Jack Dolen) #4

Well as an Orlando driver they have been doing this since last year. The terms of service state they can charge the rider whatever they want we only get paid the agreed time and mileage, not a percentage of the fair anymore. It the reality of uber they want more money.

(Harris Frank) #5

In my area, they just raised the booking fee by 20 cents. The per minute/mile rates are still the same. The only two places they raised them without paying the drivers are Florida and Louisiana.

(Donna Harris) #6

Some areas in my region pay Lower per mile. If I drive 125 miles to a different city, the per mile is almost 1/2 My normal. Was this your home area

(Trish Richardson) #7

Yeah, it was in my home area.

(Anderson Lee) #8

You need to request a fare review and explain to them the per mile rate that drivers in your area are to receive before they take their 25% fee.

(Mitchel) #9

They’ve raised the rates charged to riders without raising the pay for the driver about a month ago. I haven’t driven the general public since.