Uber makes it clear that tipping is not expected

When I’m offered a tip, I politely accept it with tremendous appreciation. To not do so would be insulting to the rider who is offering it to you.
At first I did the whole “tipping isn’t necessary” thing, but I always felt awkward saying that and nobody ever withdrew the tip after hearing that.

Maybe 5 percent of rides have offered a tip. Lyft is non existent in jersey shore and central jersey. If rides ask if tip included. Well. If I have a good feel I tell them the truth. And tell the rides to share the info. Maybe help another driver out.

I’ll see your Paypal swiper and raise you a square, my wireless swiper , and a good old fashioned knucklebuster credit card imprinter :wink:

Yeah a little overkill to have all those methods in the van at one time but a friend of mine did that (along with a tip jar and another jar for the charity of the day)…he said nobody should walk away without tipping!..Ha

I have now reached the point where more passengers tip than not. Today was a slow day, 5 hours, 9 rides, I wasn’t working hard mostly playing, and I got $27 in tips.

pax “feel cheated”? lmao. what about us drivers being cheated. we just brought someone home safely and saved them a dui for only $4, and pax is being cheated??? wtf???

all of you that receive the tip even though uber says not to… you guys know uber’s still you right? by telling pax not to tip you a lot of pax are actually not tipping you. driving should be a service. if uber were to market it as a service we would probably get 55% more tips.

Yes, Uber is stealing tips. It’s the ONLY fair argument that can be made. They want all money to be within the fee so they get 20%. Your strike will be meaningless. It’s stupid. You can cry and stomp your feet all you want. Have at it, they laugh at you.

Almost everyone asks “how do you like driving for Uber?” Each time I tell them that the pay sucks but the tips are what makes it worthwhile. If they say something like, “I thought tips were included.” I always say, “Only the assholes don’t tip.”

i saw you on another thread complaining. only complain… i’m a real mutha i’m standing up to uber. if you don’t want to strike then shut the up n drive. we don’t want small thinkers on our team.

No, you didn’t. Why would I complain about my highly profitable business, moron? You’re standing up to Uber, internet tough guy? LOL! Awesome. I’ll work doubles just to negate you for being an idiot.

Educate the PAX on the tip deal. I picked up a lady from the hospital because she got there in an ambulance with her husband who had a heart issue. We started talking and she said “the tip is included right”?

I politely explained that it wasn’t it was just part of Uber’s policy that you don’t have to tip. She seemed genuinely surprised. When we got to her house she handed me a $10 on a $20 fare.

uber is always threatening with deactivation. i’m so tired of their bullshit. there is no security driving for uber. uber has dunk pax rating us. and we are forced to accept pick up at 15 minute plus away or get deactivated.

I had a first time rider today to the airport. The fare was $16.57 and she asked me if a gratuity was included. I said no, of course. And she started fumbling through her wallet. She asked me if I had change for a five and I handed her two ones.