Uber / Lyft Riders Making Grocery Stops

So I took a break; about a month; from driving for lyft after four years now because these pax were starting to drive me crazy to the point of wanting to do something I would regret, and I don’t need an arrest record, and forming a phobia of complete strangers being in my car. Today I started driving again and the FIRST pax I get wanted to test my patience. The 1st one people!!! Wanted to stop at the grocery store to shop. Or "pick up some things ". :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. The nice guy i am gives everyone no more than 5 mins in. At 4:45sec my wheels start rolling away. And why do these pax think if they leave their stuff in your car you won’t drive away??? Does anyone else do these stops still? Or has rules for stops?

You shouldn’t deal with people if you don’t like them. I get not wanting to waste your time, but driving off with people’s stuff intentionally isn’t the coolest of moves.

I understand that. But I’ve learned in life early that you’re going to deal with people you don’t want to. And bills need to be paid. And I never said I drive off with people’s stuff. It’s annoying how they leave their stuff in my car thinking that will keep me there waiting on them. And it’s pretty to say don’t deal with people if you don’t like them having not seen and having to deal with everything thing I’ve been through over these years. My nice guy was slowly turning into a bad driving these pax around over the year.

And I’m not saying everyone is annoying or can’t stand them getting into my car. I’m saying that every shift I do I’ll always get a couple of the ones that want to push kindness for weakness. I’ve grown driving for lyft. My patience has been finely tuned to zero tolerance over the years. I like the concept of lyft but the pax I don’t. Which is the main reason why I don’t even drive at night anymore.

This is why I make no $ doing rideshare. The truth is drivers only make $ when they are ripping off the passenger.

How are they ripping off pax when the ride ends. If anything I’m taking a loss and the next driver is getting the fare. Plus I’ll give that person a low star rating, and most likely they will give a low rating to me too, and now other drivers have greater odds of getting that pax. Anyhow long have you been doing this? You sound like you’ll let these pax do anything for a fare in your car. Like I said if you were in my shoes you would see and understand what I’m talking about.

Make sure you let them know before they get out that you will leave in 5 minutes and to take their stuff with them. If they complain, tell them you’ve had to wait 25-30 minutes before and you’re only paid 11¢ a minute (at least in my market). Be firm.

2.5 years over 3000 trips. Taking off with customers stuff while they are under the impression you are waiting for them is stealing. Whether you end the ride or not it’s stealing and selling it back to them is extortion.

My rule is this Grocery stores, SRP ONLY I will wait a few minutes, Everything else, call another Uber or Lyft. Convenient Stores, two stops must be present on the app, if not I will allow one item But if your going shopping call another ride