Uber / Lyft rider doing illegal activity during ride, WWYD?

How many have picked up Uber / Lyft Rider who are engaging in possible illegal activity on the ride? What was the activity, what was your reaction?

I picked someone up who had put a stop in and then I was taking him back to the original pickup. He didn’t smell like weed before I picked him up but he sure did smell like it after the quick stop… 1 stared the man. I live in a state that that would be considered illegal. I’ve been propositioned by a passenger, does that count?

Only if money was offered

It was offered and I said no and ended the trip there. Very awkward. I had so many questions though.


Like why would he ask that? had he asked that before from another driver? did they actually say yes? Why would he even think that is appropriate?

aaah gotcha

You don’t know until after you pick them up, and are not even sure what they are doing? What, do I need to put my pax though a metal detector before they get in the car? lol

I picked up a poor guy who had just been ripped off by a prostitute. She stole $1000 out of his wallet when he was in the restroom. He was practically crying the entire long way home. I finally told him, don’t play with fire like that, just go to a legal house such as the Mustang Ranch in NV.

2 beautiful women snorting coke and making out on a shared ride with grandma and granddaughter the other passengers…politely ask them to stop twice…pull on the side of the road ended entire ride, kick them off…took grandma and granddaughter home…Lyft paid me for the whole ride…it was a long one…

I picked up this dude one night in a sketch hood… took him 5 min down the block… sat waiting then got him again 5 min drive… this happened like 6 times… we laughed cause he knew I knew and I didn’t give a f@@@

Picked up a sketchy dude and when he was getting out his gun fell and hit the ground. He said, “oops you weren’t supposed to see that”. He picked it up and walked off before I could say anything. Reported him and Uber just said they wouldn’t match him with me again. I’m like uhh you need to deactivate his account!

I’m not sure if it was illegal or not but I picked up this really pretty young girl at a smoke shop. She had this huge canister, about the size of a spray paint, can, and she would inhale from it.
I asked her what it was and she just told me not to worry there was no smoke.
I dropped her off at a cheesy motel where she just sat on the curb inhaling from her canister.