UBER/LYFT drivers...."good" news (sarcasm)

PETER DEFAZIO (D), Incoming House transportation chief, proposes to raise federal Gas taxes for 3 years…

AND THEN introduce a VMT (vehicle miles traveled) tax, meaning you will get charged for miles traveled, meaning some government spy device will be mandatory attached to your car and track where you drive, when you drive, and how many miles you drive.

Orwellian to the max, while being nickel and dime’d to death…big government loves us

Nah, a Democrat wouldn’t do anything like that. rolling eyes Just remember folks, these are the people the unions you so badly want to represent us support. Think about that a minute.

Gasoline taxes are used to build roads and bridges. While maybe you should get a little bit of a break for driving a car that uses little to no gasoline, at some point it becomes unfair because you’re not paying for your fair share of the roads. I doubt they’re going to require an on board device to track mileage, that’s unnecessary. More likely people will declare their estimated mileage and pay throughout the year and when you renew your registration they will verify your actual mileage and charge or refund you the difference.

yeah great, lets all have some government tracking device that can send data in real time…maybe, to keep everyone safe we shall then use the very same tracking device to assure that you don’t drive to fast or really stopped at that stop sign…otherwise, for “safety” our insurance rates will go up and tickets be mailed to us…this is what land of the free is all about

I’m not talking about your yearly property tax/registration. I’m talking about an additional tax to make up for the taxes you would normally pay through gasoline taxes (and would thus pay more the more you drive.) It’s just easier to have you verify your mileage when you renew your registration and also makes it possible to deny your renewal if you don’t pay your share. If you’re using the roads you should have to pay your share.

Oh yeah…it’s so much “easier” to have some government spy devices mandatory attached to your car…this is what land of the free is all about

I specifically said it was easier NOT to have a tracking device, maybe if you take the tinfoil off your head your reading comprehension will improve.

Yeah, I can see that making sense now since most of those cars are newer and will still have a high value. But eventually someone with an EV who barely drives will complain that they’re being penalized for not using gasoline and I think states will move to a usage based fee.

It is mandatory now and all new trucks must have the neccesary equipment for tracking.

As a result there is now a market for older trucks that are not required for compliance.

oh no i saw that.
when i start getting taxes on miles ddrive, i just turn off the app until the friday/sat overnights when i get surge and major tips.

i work from home so my commute is a few hundred steps a day.

Uber and Lyft are my social activity

Actually, the mileage has been taxed in the past. They make you declare your mileage annually when you renew your tag. But I would not be surprised if they tried to make an electronic device mandatory - I just doubt it would ever pass.

in that case,
Let’s elect more democrats! We want the Bay Area to have more gun violence than a wonderful Chicago! :laughing:

just put up a sign in your car saying car theft and robbery and ride cancellations are not allowed.

That’ll stop them!