Uber is the real culprit for years of misleading PAX tips are included

I’m fed up with bartenders who don’t tip Uber drivers. I drove one home last week in pouring raing and when he got out without tipping I said thanks for not tipping, I’m going to institute that same policy next time I visit your place. He was shocked and responded he thought tips were included. It’s sadly up to drivers now to educate the public. Oh well, at least one bartender knows better now.

People have this grandiose idea of uber drivers just making it big. No thanks in part due to ubers masterful marketing. “Let’s lower wages, and you’ll make more” lol wtf. Yeah no, old boy picked that 90% way deep down in his butt.

Jobs with tips make up a large portion of the few good, working class jobs remaining. Waiters, bar tenders, cabbies (at least, before uber), and so forth. Almost any job you can think of with tips is a decent job, and better than similar jobs without them.

Why should “we” even have to do anything, is what they were getting at imo. And it’s not that “some” people don’t tip b/c they’re just shmux (well, some), but it’s that “most” don’t tip b/c of the reprehensible marketing campaign by uber “instructing” them to “not tip/not necessary to tip.”

Hell, ANYTHING that goes mass viral (needs to be Worldwide) that clearly calls out ubers LIE about “not necessary to tip,” should be enough to guilt the shmuck who would easily tip out a cab & in the same day, stiff a rideshare person.

Not sure about the rest of ya’ll, but every time uber has their “how happy are you driving for Uber” smiley face rating message pop up, i rate 2nd to last (the frown putz)…then add, "love the technology hate the greed.

Add the damn tipping feature for cryin’ out loud…your competitor (if u want to even consider them as competition) HAS this feature built-in…it’s time to DO & stop the SAY when it comes to the propaganda of ‘caring for your driver-partners,’ don’t ya think?"

How many restaurants do you know post information like below? As long as Uber continues to say tips are not expected or required people are going to take advantage of this. You can argue they should tip until you are blue in the face. Uber is the one causing the issue here not the customer.

Went to Ireland and GB this summer. Wait staff paid like other employees, tips not expected, always appreciated… but not like you add on 20% of cost of a meal.

Like i asked buster before you, what does tipping in a separate hospitality have to do with us? Servers, bartenders, hotel workers, bell boys work way harder than uber drivers. Stop expecting huge cash tips as if you do the same grueling work they do

I’m full of shit How? Are you seriously telling me that driving around is harder than memorizing a menu, walking several miles a day, taking people’s orders, dealing with their attitudes, and smiling the whole time. Dude stfu.

Never did I say Uber driver doesn’t deserve tips. I said Uber drivers dont come close to fling as hard as hospitality employees do, so dont expect most people to tip you as well as they do those other types of jobs. Dumbas. Trying reading comprehension before you make yourself look like an idiot.

Haven’t been anywhere that tipping applies since I have started working Uber.
Seriously. Can’t afford the venue much less the tip…OK, every now and then I sneak off for a couple of beers and some face to face conversation without the use of the rear view. I always tip.

Maybe dont say straight out lies and nobody would be mad, wouldn’t you think. But of course it always rhe fault of the person defending themselves from complete utter morons. It’s my fault for being upset, but not their fault for posting lies and illogical statements.

I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. I agree, we should be tips a couple bucks every ride. But I’m saying that will be difficult bc of Uber marketing and the perception of how difficult our work is. And I’ve never pucked in public, never left my gf alone, or acted a fool. So I’m the wrong one.

Maybe so. Just tired of making a point, and other people twisting it around to mean something else. Been happening all day. Maybe just need some sleep idk.

Here we go. The self righteous, all entitled Uber driver who makes everyone else look bad. It comes down to this, our “skill” is driving a goddamn car… I dont know if you noticed but 90% of American can drive a car. Are you suggesting everyone should be tipped bc they can drive, dumbass…