Uber is showing its true colors to me now!

Got a ping, went to the customers home. She came staggering out, asked if she could bring her open bottle. I said “no, open containers in vehicles is against the law.” Then, some dude came out, she told him they could not bring drinks. He started cussing me, threatening me, etc. I cancelled the ride, told him I would notify Uber, to not be surprised if their access was cancelled. Filed a complaint with Uber.

Uber denied me ANYTHING because I cancelled less than 5 minutes after arriving. I guess we have to endure 5+ minutes of abuse from drunks in order to get money!

You were in the area and triggered the arrival. You didn’t have to cancel the ride immediately. You could have driven around the block, or just away, and then hit whatever you want after 6 minutes. Or let them cancel it. Make sure to screenshot the app so you have date, time, name, address, etc.

Not saying you weren’t right to cancel either, just saying you have to play the game by Uber rules.

According to the Police and the Commonwealth’s Attorney! I kinda trust them more than Facebook info…

Just be happy that you didn’t take them for a ride! $3.75 isn’t anything to get upset about

Did you write Uber and let them know that you traveled to the pax and it’s not your fault they tried to get in your car with an open container. It is against the law and would they habe preferred you allow the pax in your car with open bottle of alcohol or to verbally abuse you for 5 minutes?

Yep. Because it was cancelled by me before the 5 in time, I get nada. They would not even tell me if they banned them. :frowning: I would rather have that than the money!

In Dallas they no longer have cancellation fees. If they are not on a surge of 3 or more I am not waiting. And no open container of alcohol period.

The best response when someone tries to get in the car with an open container which happens all the time at the jersey shore is to say are you fucking kidding me finish it and get in

No cancellation fees that’s a violation of the 13th amendment

Hate to say it but if it was less then 5 minuets you should not get a cancel fee. I know it is not right but they can not charge the fee for less then 5 minutes because of the rider TOS.

It’s garbage the customer should have 1 minute to cancel then they should pay don’t order a fucking car if you don’t need one