Uber is responsible to its shareholders alone

They owe nothing to the independent contractors who choose to pay large fees for its credit card processing and dispatching services. As long as people are willing to pony up 1/4 or more of their gross earnings for these automated services (the margins that Uber reaps have to be pretty juicy) , Uber will continue to collect them. The possible downfall for Uber will be new competition willing to undercut them on price.

Tell that to the early Apple employees who got screwed out of stock by Steve Jobs. And to my knowledge Uber doesn’t have a Wozniak type to feel sorry for us and throw us a bone.

I wouldn’t say “greedy” , just a lot more wily and savvy than the average character. If I had heard of his business plan before he launched it, I would have predicted it would never work. Convincing tens of thousands of their drivers to run their cars into the ground as gypsy cabs, while sending most of the profits to Uber for use of the technology is a brilliant plan.

twice it was riders, I was walking to my car from my door takes all of 40 seconds, and they cancel. 2 x was me the first day. I have barely taken any runs since I have stared so my average is low. I just smiled when I saw that text.

If they cancel on you there isn’t anything you can do. You’ll just have to bite the bullet and make sure you don’t cancel any rides for a bit. Everything is automated and based on percentages.

"Give it time and the drivers will be VERY Happy!! " And pigs do fly. A’int gonna happen. The glory days of decent rates are over and done and a thing of the past.

right now its about the company making more $$$ and showing investors that Uber can withstand the punches such as: the cry baby drivers going on strike, frivolous lawsuits etc etc…

Someone who will not work, will not take responsibility for his actions, expects everyone to pay for him and whines when either he must take responsibility for his actions (or lack of action) or people balk at paying for him is a crybaby.

oh, I get that… but a bazillion is a far cry from the zero we drivers get… There needs to be some sense of Travis “toughing” it out. Maybe he could scrounge around on 1,000,000 per year. It will be hard for him but I’m sure but he can take one for the team.

Mr Travis sacrificed for you drivers for YEARS. Now the genius has built an empire and deserves all the $$$ for creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and a way to move citizens of many countries to where they need to go.

Sure he shouldn’t be given less credit or compensation than others like him. What I did realize is how agile the company is and how drivers and even pax are as agile as a turtle. If drivers were like a rabbit the rates would return in an hour. The company banks on human nature.

How much do you want to believe they pay you? I assume you have TNC Gap insurance in FL so you’re not screwed in an accident but I’m not so sure about that either.

nice man that much better than stupid uber $$ you are a REAL chauffeur not just a wannabe behind an uberX 5star and big tip$ if you were my driver

5 star service at this ridiculous rate is impossible and pool made it even worse and some drivers are already suffering from depression. Rome has nothing to do with this bcuz it was all good before uber decides to cut the fare but soon it will all be history when a real competitor enters the market

The only way you might make money is buying their stock, as long as their investors aren’t selling as you’re buying during the IPO or its later shorted.

Uber keeps lowering the rates on the drivers; someone should call a lawyer since this is price gorging. Don’t even get me started on how Uber screws with rates in real time; they are constantly manipulating the surgey. This has to stop.