Uber is now taking 30% of your take home in Charlotte

Uber is now taking 30% of your rate for being in destination mode in Charlotte. this should really piss a lot of people off, what happens when they do it to other cities to?I called the customer care number for help or whatever and kept the guy on the phone for 45 minutes trying to explain it to me. This was after I was transferred five times.

Driver’s are paid according to the mile and minute rate set by Uber, it’s not tied to what the customer pays. It’s nothing new and have been going for couple of years ago when Uber announced “Upfront Pricing.”

It was just a disguise to customers to feel like they’ll pay less. Now, Uber gets to charge them whatever their system/algorithm thinks is reasonable, or the customer would be willing to pay. The higher fare is added as a “Surcharge,” which consistently changes every time customer requests a ride.

Lyft is already at the point where they’re taking an average of 30% of the fare. I’m certain Uber is at or above 30% commission on average in majority of the markets.

Look at one of your normal non-surge rides, and look at the fee details. It will tell you the number of miles times some amount of money per mile. That amount per mile is what you are getting paid, plus the per minute amount. There is no longer a relationship between what the pax pays and what you are paid. They get a guaranteed rate up front no matter what route you take, or how long it takes. Many people get pissed because their driver amount is not a specific percentage of what the rider paid, it hasn’t been that way for a long time. I’ve had rides where it looks like I only got half of what the rider paid, and others where I got it all - Uber was in the negative. Look at all your rides and you’ll see this, don’t just look at the one where they took more.

Same with LYFT recently I took my first ride and it was definitely within just a few miles, charge was nearly $10. I get paid about S$3 for the same ride, that is taking 60%, can’t wait to see the 1099’s when they say you made the entire amount to save themselves on the taxes.

what I’m talking about is an additional 30% on top of your normal pay. they just started this two days ago in Charlotte, Uber is withholding an additional 30% when you accept rides when you’re in destination mode. maybe I wasn’t very clear before.

Sorry, somehow missed the destination mode mention. Well, that’s another bummer for the drivers on top of already low prices. I guess Uber is trying to wean drivers off the destination mode during busy hours?

Also, it would push drivers to stay online a bit longer to make up for the lost revenue on their last/destination trip. Seems like a win-win for Uber and lose-lose for the drivers.

Yay! Uber found a new way to screw us. :expressionless: