Uber is not banning minors from the app

So drivers if you think uber deactivates minors, you are wrong I just caught uber. Had a minor cancel the call, I reached out to uber they said they would handle it. well today I went back to the same address for the same minor,not only didn’t uber deactivate him and his family,uber kicked back the cancellation fee, which is encouraging this minor to continue to use this service,and he told me as long as uber kicks the fee back he is going to keep requesting an uber.way to go uber not only are you breaking the terms of service,but your breaking the law,then you wonder why you keep getting sued. people uber has no intention of deactivating minors.

Well great…guess the girl I just reported yesterday will still be at it too then. I got the same response…that they’d handle it.

I’ve had the same kid a few times. Turned him in every time. Then I noticed each time was a new name on the account. Then I started receiving Lyft requests for him. Every time he’s got me he’s canceled. I notified Lyft too. This kid calls me after receiving a trip on another day, different name same location. My phone rings and this kid threatened me over the phone and I laughed at him. Told him the conversations were recorded and now he’s screwed. Haven’t had anything from him since. The only reason I used to get his ping all the time because one of my sitting spots is by his house.

It’s in their terms that minors can’t ride, so how the hell are they getting their own accounts? Or are they using their parent’s?

Parents, the problem is only account holders names should be allowed on the phone. You should only be allowed to use the name on the credit card.

Minors can sign up and use their own credit card when you sign up for uber they don’t ask questions. None of you have a rider account?

How about this spin? A very grown man got into my car. It was under a female name. He said it was his daughter. Now I know some of us to have a problem with that even. Anyway, as we are riding, he happens to mention his daughter is 16!! She ordered it for him as he was having trouble on his phone!! So, a 16-year-old paid, and her father was the passenger!! He was such a nice man and gave me a $5 cash tip for a 1-mile ride!!

The Uber/Lyft insurance policies do not cover anyone under 18 because they can’t legally enter into any contract. That’s why they say kids have to be accompanied by their parents/guardian when in a rideshare vehicle.

“The Uber/Lyft insurance policies do not cover anyone under 18”

Completely false. You may get dropped afterward, but the insurance company isn’t off the hook. Uber does not require drivers to check ID. Therefore, the insurance provided will cover an incident. Where you go from there after putting in the claim is anybody’s guess.

What you seem to be missing @eric, is that while you are not REQUIRED to check ID, you are REQUIRED to follow the TOS, which includes making sure that you don’t transport minors.

The passenger TOS tells them that you are allowed to check their ID.

As to the matter of insurance, no self-respecting insurance company would pay out this claim without turning around and push the cost of the settlement onto you, the driver, since it was the driver that violated the TOS by not verifying the age of the passenger.

Any driver dumb enough not to limit their liability by verifying their age deserves to be thrown under the bus.

THE POINT, which you seem to be missing, is that ALL the liability is pushed onto the driver for a variety of reasons, mostly to limit the rideshare’s exposure in the event of litigation.

I have read the driver TOS AS WELL AS the passenger TOS and even sat down with an attorney to help map out and limit my exposure to anything that would put me or my home in jeopardy.

In the Uber Passenger TOS, section 4, subsection “User Requirements and Conduct”, you can find the following 2 pieces of useful information:

The Service is not available for use by persons under the age of 18. You may not authorize third parties to use your Account, and you may not allow persons under the age of 18 to receive transportation or logistics services from Third Party Providers unless they are accompanied by you.

In certain instances, you may be asked to provide proof of identity or other methods of identity verification to access or use the Services, and you agree that you may be denied access to or use of the Services if you refuse to provide proof of identity or other methods of identity verification.

This CLEARLY spells out to the passenger that ID may be requested and that service can be denied on that basis.

While I understand your argument for the wording that Uber uses in the driver TOS and their use of the word “feel”, it is there to transfer the liability risk onto the driver.

Also, since the driver is the ONLY ONE that can physically identify who is getting into the vehicle, it remains in the drivers best interest to verify the age or suffer the consequences.

As an independent contractor, YOU are responsible for what happens in your car, not Uber. YOU can ask for ID even if they say that they are 18 because Uber says that if you “feel” that they might be underage. Only a dash camera can help absolve you of the ask/tell age principle that you describe.

I gave up reporting passengers that are minors, I came to the conclusion that Uber & Lyft don’t really care, they figure someone will give them a ride eventually, and if something happens they can say its against the TOS and not accept responsibility.

If the person obviously looks under 18 (like 13 or whatever) they’re not riding with me and after I pull away, I pull over, call Uber, and collect my cancel fee and then wait for the next ping. If they look close to 18, I’ll ask “how old are you?” Since I’m not required to ask for ID, if they answer “18,” they ride. With full insurance coverage.

I don’t give rides to anyone under 18, if they “look” young I will ask how old they are, if they say 18, I’m good to do, if they say anything under 18, I let them know its against Uber/Lyft TOS and tell them I can’t give them a ride.

I was told by Customer Service: If the parent authorizes the use to the app and you can verify through the parent that they did, the kid can ride. My state does not allow youth riders. And we don’t have Uber Teen.

I ask for ID. If they can’t provide I cancel ride as unaccompanied minor. BUT if one of their friends are over 18, they ride. Customer Service told me that one.

I guess it differs from state to state. I have not seen anything like that on the driver app.

Well, that’s interesting. Then why would Uber mention in their TOS that minors are not allowed to ride without an adult? It does not say whether a permission from an adult is required or not.

Also, I would not trust their customer service, most of them are new and certainly not up to state laws. So, I will take the advice from them with a grain of salt.

I simply don’t allow unaccompanied minors - even though was told differently. Problem solved imo

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