Uber is hot news and hot buzz right now

Every local TV news station is now doing reports on how customers are being ‘burned’ by Uber’s ‘surge’ policy (a policy I don’t disagree with - I just don’t like how it’s implemented)… and stories on how riders are finding it harder to get rides when their ratings drop.

Does anyone disagree with the article’s premise that it is in a riders own interest to know how to maintain a high rating among drivers (just as it is for drivers to maintain a high rating with riders)?

There are news stories all over the media these about Uber -
including stories by reporters on how negative rider ratings effect the ability of riders to attract a driver.

Of course ‘just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you’ .

I really like the brochures. Very educational. They should be in every Uber car for all riders to read. Also, I mentioned this before, a viral video about tipping Uber drivers would probably force Uber to add tipping features on their app, like Lyft.

If there is a typo in the known universe, my radar will lock onto it. It’s a curse. I’m surprised I have not developed OCD. I was, at one time, tempted to print up business cards stating “You have been cited by the Grammar Police” with the worst offenses on the back. Then I got over myself

Let me start off by saying that I enjoy your contributions, humor and viewpoint. I’m not going to argue this point with you but it is dismissive to say that my opinion is wrong, and don’t bother replying, then inundating with statute and your interpretation of them. I work for an educational institution, am almost expert on the subject and work with an attorney that specializes in copyright on a regular basis.

While an opinion, it is a well educated opinion that says if they sought an injunction against distribution, they would likely get one. Of course, no one can tell with absolute certainty that a judge will do x but based on previous case law, it’s quite likely they would prevail in court. Even a compilation of facts or quotes from other sources is copyrightable in it’s own right.

Now with that said would anything happen to you if you handed this out, no. The most likely scenario would be that they send you a cease and desist letter, you stop distributing, end of story.

They would have a great deal of difficulty trying to show that they had been damaged in any meaningful way so they would probably never bother pursuing it in the first place. Besides, if they had any brains they would see it as free promotion. But, fair use is rarely properly understood, and this would likely not be seen as such.

Taking all that into consideration, I applaud you for trying to make things better and think it’s a great idea although I’m concerned about how pax will perceive it, particularly the tipping section.

Very good - I see now that you do understand, even if we have different opinions on fair-use (something I have dealt with in publishing and redistribution for decades). It was a moot point from the get-go, which is why I suggested just dropping it and focusing on the content and idea of a hand-out.

You know who doesn’t have to worry about passengers getting downrated for not tipping? Lyft. See, they offer in-app tipping and you don’t know until the next day who did or did not decide to be a cheapskate.

Can pax add pictures?? I really wish they would but in my almost 900 trips I never once saw a pax’s picture. Is this just available on the iphone driver app? Before anyone says it, yes, the “recognise” typo is on their site.

I think it’s on the older platform. They used to show pictures of the rider from what I understand. To help identify them when you drive up. I have a picture in my driver profile from way back. But doubt they use this anymore.

I wonder why they removed it, that would be a really good feature. Many times I’d pull up and the person who I think is the pax is just staring at their phone. A couple times I had businessmen that would be talking on their phones while standing outside, so they had no idea that I had arrived.

Ah! good point, this could lead the charge for a discrimination lawsuit. Anyone else notice that a lot of couples will use the girl’s account to order the uber? I never asked why, but I wonder if drivers cancel on females less? More willing to take that 15 min drive to pick up a female lol