Uber is a heartless, evil company

They enitce people with ads that lie about possible earnings. They lure drivers to their game and then cut their pay without warning. People in the situation you have described are left without the opprtunity to look for a decent job because they are spending all their time driving for uber. Without warning, uber cuts their pay in half which only exasperates the problem. There are countless drivers in the same situation you have outlined.

Uber is so preditory that they will go as far as finding people who have credit so low that they cannot even finance a car. Uber helps these people get a car. Uber then takes the car payment directly from the victim drivers bank account and then cuts their pay in half (without warning) to create indentured slaves.

I’m still at $1 per mile and am part time so… Not losing money here. I’m just more selective with hours to where I know I’ll get 2/4 rides per hour since college has restarted.

LoL you really think $1/mile is making money? you’re barely pulling by with those rates. Chill out. Dude posts a heart felt post and you come here with that ish.

Career jobs are hard to come by… Job jobs aren’t. It’s just no one wants to do the job that requires no skill… They’re low paying for that reason aka UBER too.

Good for you if you want to run your car down the drain. Others don’t. Good luck when it comes to that scheduled maintainence that would bring you out $1000. With these rates? Goooood luck. It’s barely bringing food to the table…

When we bring as many of our own resources to the table as we do, we deserve to make better wages than this. Uber was very profitable when I got onboard two years ago and still had another job.

I had actually put away some savings and was able to quit my job to try to start a small business. After constant rate cuts and driver saturation, I had to take out two title loans on my car to make rent. Please don’t preach your holier-than-thou jibberish to those of us who have been in this world long enough to know a thing or two about a thing or two.

Exactly! My sister has a masters’ degree and she is in the poor house. A college education does NOT guarantee you the success in life that it once did.

Our government is more confusing than the Complex-Base system… Breaking education system and cost effectiveness of funding it. I know so many people I was in school with who have way worse debt from school than me, It’s super F’d up and scary.

My sister has been one of the biggest supporters of Obama and Obamacare. Last year when her husband took a new job they elected to go with Obamacare rather than pay for his company’s insurance which they said was too expensive.

Exactly what I’ve been telling people. I voted for the man twice. But when I saw the terms and premiums on that Obama care. I laughed and stayed with Kaiser. $20 each visit.

I notice that man and that’s good. I myself just stay in the back and chill lol. Don’t really drive for Uber anymore. But yeah whenever you’re in town let me know, there’s tons a good places to go to.

When I started driving I made grea money, never had to touch my retirement or savings and I could even save money but after the steady pay cuts, I finally had to use my retirement money. Had I not had that to fall back on, I would be homeless today and that’s the truth.

And I have always said if my market drops below $1 or our cancellation fee gets drop or SRF increases above $1.35 I’d stop altogether