Uber IPO and self-driving vehicles

As many of you may know…Uber is set to go public this year. I think it’s great because I’m also a part-time trader, but as far as being a driver may be not so much. I feel they’re trying to raise capital in an effort to expand their autonomous fleet and eventually eliminate the use of driver partners. For anyone doing this as a full time gig, I think it’s important to learn a new skill and have a backup plan because in the near future Uber will be around…the drivers may not. But this is all speculation and just my opinion…let me know what you guys think about Uber going public.

Autonomous vehicles are going to replace us, undoubtedly. We’re the biggest liability for companies like Uber and Lyft, and they don’t want nothing more than replacing us ASAP. Both companies made it clear in their IPOs, keeping and retaining drivers cost a lot of money.

One would have to carefully consider the overhead of obtaining drivers vs maintaining a fleet. It’ll be interesting how it turns out…