Uber has ruined the tipping culture!

It’ll take quite a while to get the “It’s a shame to not tip your driver” tradition back. A girl will dump a guy for stiffing the waitress on their first date but not for failing to tip the uber driver who takes them to the restaurant with a nice car.

I give drivers tips. I always have. Mostly on the shuttles from hotel to ?. Those poor drivers. 10+ passengers + luggage and I watch them all just get off without so much as a thank you. So, I make it a point to dump at least a 5 in their jar.

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but going to ask anyway. The class action settlement that allows for drivers to ask for tips happened in Califorina. Does the ruling apply in Colorado (or other states)? Or do only drivers in California have the option to post signs and ask for tips?

Thanks, I added it to my wish list, I’ll look into that when I’m confident I can prove to my wife the dash cam paid for itself with safety and cleaning fee’s

Call me an old guy. But I’m not comfortable swiping a PAX credit card for $2 giving visa 3.5%. And I just feel old school, if you meant to leave a tip you have cash in you pockets somewhere. I’m sure I’ll have to utilize digital transactions eventually if Uber doesn’t include it in the app. Plus there’s no guarantee that PAX is adding a tip while walking out of the vehicle, could just be a polite lie.

Appreciated implies not required while it encourages tips in a positive way, not from a negative viewpoint. There’s no point to using appreciated and not required.

I tip but I always find it a pain to have to get cash before I do anything related to tipping. I don’t go to ATMs and I don’t carry cash. Everything I do, I can pay with my debit or cc and I like the paper trail. I can see where my spending is.

I would much prefer to pay any tip by credit card/debit card, but always have to plan on getting cash somewhere before I’m traveling so I have cash and THEN I have to buy something to break the cash up into smaller chunks. Just not convenience. I’m not whining, just saying that before there were debit cards, I carried cash.

It’s not about being aggressive, you deserve a tip, heck it will pay for the gas even. Drivers need to let pax know they should tip, in a professional manner. We deserve a tip like anyone else who gets tips, the signs need to make that clear without sounding pushy or aggressive.

I know the plasma donation centers in my area would pay for add time. Probably DUI lawyers, I’m sure there’s a market for add time sales.

BTW square is free and they only charge 2.75% so if they tipped you $5 you’d receive $4.87 automatically deposited into your bank account…just food for thought.

Yes, as someone else said, they do have the NFC/Apple Pay/Android Pay box that connects to your phone via bluetooth. I got it for $50. It also has a chip reader for those cards that require it. You can just velcro it to your counsel and it could be your “tip box” or at least a conversation starter.

Curious about how the chip reader works. That’s why I didn’t fork over the money. If someone uses the Bluetooth reader, do they enter the tip on their phone or through your phone’s square app?

So no 1 stop app, just have an assortment of apps available if the PAX offers non-cash tip. “I have that app too, no problem!” Let’s see how many A$$HOLES we catch that politely offered digital tip, but then back out when they find out we do have the technology?

The closest thing to one stop solution is the square contactless reader. For now it accepts apple pay but likely will accept others in the future. They run $40. The contactless reader from PayPal is $150 but they will refund $100 if you use it for $3000 in 90 days.

It’s no different than swiping your card at grocery store. What I’m going to do is jailbreak my old iPhone 4s that just collects dust and only have the square pos app on it with the reader secured somehow in the backseat allowing pax to swipe and tip without even telling me they did so. And like you download all the other payment apps to accept whatever means they want to pay me. Also I’ll still keep my standard change for a $20; $10, $5, and five $1s to give change for the old fashioned cash tip.

Now, it doesn’t matter WHAT the customer has. You do not have to have it. All you have to have is the reader connected to your phone. You hand the customer your phone with the square app open, they enter their info (not cc) and amount, and then they either use Android/Apple/Samsung Pay OR use the chip reader, OR swipe and the charge is collected.