UBER has no morals or Ethics

You will ONLY know the destination once the passenger is in the car and you have swiped start trip. That is of course if a passenger enters in a destination. Just wait until a pax claims you took an inefficient route and UBER take the money off you without notification !!!

Don’t worry about acceptance rates as you cannot get deactivated for low acceptance rates, don’t take jobs over 10 minutes without a surge, but also don’t cancel too many jobs as they can, and will deactivate you for cancelling too many jobs.

You can’t see where they’re going until you start trip. If you call and ask them, then cancel they can complain to uber. Do it too many times and your cancel rate will get you deactivated. Also riders will lie to you.

Uber do not give you the destination prior to pick up as drivers will ignore short trips and take, cherrypick the long jobs. Also, as a driver if you feel a job is too long you actually don’t have to take it. If the rider wants to go 200 miles as the above poster seems to suggest, you can kindly refuse to take them. Another driver would be happy to take the job.

Will I get told the destination after I accept, or not until I get to the pickup point? If I refuse after accepting, wouldn’t that count against me? This hardly seems like a fair way of doing things.

I’m not worried about acceptance rates. I worried about cancellation rates, and I’m concerned about driving all the way to a pickup point, then having to cancel because of some ridiculous request and then not getting paid for it.

So what? You can always log back in after a couple of minutes. The more important thing is, accepting and cancelling rides. If you cancel enough rides Uber can deactivate you. Although, not sure why they would since they claim they are struggling to find new drivers.

Maybe it’s not as much of a problem as I think. Would I be right in assuming that the vast majority of trips are more or less local, and that I’d only have to cancel occasionally? I live in the Philly suburbs so would I be right in thinking that most trips would be either around the suburbs or into the city?

I’ve been driving 3 years and my avg. fare is over $30. This is rideshare. You’re an independent contractor until that changes you absolutely do not have to take short trips because they are cost prohibitive.

PAX is always right to uber, driver is always wrong/expendable
they have an army of people to drive, and they just lowered the bar by accepting some drivers with criminal records they will not hesitate to deactivate any driver just because one passenger complains, whether it’s true or a lie.
Guilty, with almost no chance to be proven innocent.

Oh my God, people! Did you not watch the online training video? Better do that quick before you get in trouble with low ratings…or worse, a citation for doing something really wrong.

I consistently get 15 to 20+ minute ping all the time in the burbs. I just let them time out and go offline for a few then pop back on. Cancellations are your enemy if you get to a pick up and start the trip then immediately cancel because of it being an “inconvenient destination”. Use your judgement. Your acceptance rate doesn’t affect you in a deactivation way, but cancellations and bad star ratings will burn you in the end.

No 15 to 20 minutes in regards to distance for picking up before. Some of those trips only end up be a $4 ride to drive 15 to 20 minutes to get the PAX. 10 min pick ups is my limit. Unless it’s surge.

And then what? Cancel if you don’t like their destination? Nope can’t “Cherry Pick” that’s too much like taxi drivers who only want the long airport runs. Uber will time you ou after 3 cancelled rides in a row then deactivating altogether if you keep it up. Look at like an adventure. You never know where you’re going until you swipe start trip

The reason behind drivers not knowing the final destination is to increase the rider getting a ride. They also say that if you know the final destination and it is only five min down the road you wont take it. Rider loses out. Its all about the rider/s getting a ride.

Didn’t we tell you in another it would only get worse? Wait until they change a $50 trip to a $27 trip without telling you. Welcome to the club. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Sometimes if I need to be home by a certain time and it’s busy enough I use the destination filter to do this by setting the destination to a location x miles away. The problem is it also limits direction so it makes it hard to get pings if the time and location aren’t busy enough.

Don’t trust what Uber tell, they have way too many drivers on the road, lots people driver UberX are hopeless, no life, closed to rob a bank people, low quality people. Uber know this, Uber use those hopeless desperate people with a crappy car.

It’s set up that way to accommodate the riders and ensure the reliability of the service. What is the point of having Uber if they can’t get a rider to their destination? If you have thousands of drivers cancelling trips because they knew where the rider was going and didn’t want to take them…I think Uber would go outta business.