Uber has destroyed so many lives

In the year and a half that I Ubered, the rates had been cut by 65%.
People quit decent jobs to drive for Uber when the rates were fair. Who could foresee that their income would be cut like that in such as short time? So many bankruptcies have been the result of Uber’s genius business plan. So many children affected because mommy or daddy could no longer make enough to pay the bills and to keep a roof over their heads.

Depends on where you are in California, netting $1000 after gas and repair a month is easy! just do it. There ain’t no other flexible part time work out there like this. There are websites dedicated to getting professional consulting gigs by the project or hour depending on your trade/skill/profession.

At the expense of sounding rude, I’m kind of glad you won’t be posting anymore. While I feel horrible for people who have lost/or are losing everything, my point was just how good it was part time. Now I apologize if I’ve struck a nerve. I don’t know what it’s like to lose it all, and I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone.

It’s also one of the most dangerous. There’s no way I’d be doing this if I had children. I don’t care what the flexibility is. I don’t even do it much anymore now because the risk versus reward just isn’t there.

That’s a fair point. I think it probably is up there as one of the more at risk “professions” I try to choose my times/areas wisely to prevent some of the risks that are associated with driving. Obviously just driving in it self is a dangerous proposition that i can’t control.

As I am one to do lately, I didn’t read the comments other than the OP. I’m finding myself way more tolerant now that I am driving my 08 Prius that I bought off my friend for $2,300. Knowing that I am getting 55 MPG means my cost is around .05 per mile in gas only, and a few more dimes for maintenance, it’s not a bad gig.

I agree with flexibility. I couldn’t and wouldn’t do this fulltime. I’d drive a cab… but I have a lease that is way way under miles. Currently at 15000 on a 36000 mile 3 year lease and I’m in month 20. Uber will pay me to drive the miles give back to acura I can do it whenever and how long I want. I see the good and bad as well but I’m ok driving select for a couple hours a week.

I could use some of that part-time income. I don’t have the confidence that I will find another pizza delivery job because I can only work Monday Tuesday and Thursday. I know the food industry pizza delivery guys are needed Friday Saturday and Sunday I happen to agree with the original poster. Uber is a decent part time job.

I can’t think of any other way to supplement my income with the flexibility of UBER. I’m no crazy that they don’t withhold any taxes which has made me be better at tracking mileage my self and I’ve heard that if you’re involved in a collision the Uber insurance deductible is $1000 which is crazy.

But still I drive every weekend and make $200-300. No I’m not figuring gas & depreciation but I don’t care. Thanks to Uber I’ve been able to reduce a lot of credit card debt. Uber should never be thought of as a full time job.

As a relatively new driver myself, who also started this as a part-time gig to make a little extra cash, I’ll probably have to agree with the pessimists in this thread. Unfortunately, I work in a relatively small market (Albuquerque), where there are no special Uber incentives and surges are kind of a joke.

The money issue itself is also not what really irks me, though. It’s more so the problem that Uber HQ really does not give 2 flips about drivers. As someone mentioned, drivers are a commodity now.

The flexibility is their ace in the hole. That’s great for you and it’s the primary reason drivers keep signing up. You make your case well. I don’t share your enthusiasm because I’m a full-time livery driver. Uber has very limited appeal and I don’t use it.

Nice to see the positive, however lets see your weekly screen shot. Your lucky that you “just” happen to be in a good market. That may make up %20 ??? of the drivers. After you get your first puker you’ll questioning weither this is worth it or not. Maybe the addiction will set in by then.

I understand a lot of you were mistreated by Uber, I don’t doubt that, and I feel for everyone of you that has dealt with hardship because of Uber, I’m by no means defending their actions because from the sound of what it was and what it is, it sounds horrible.

I’m in a similar position to you except without the wife and kids. I have a 6-3 job with decent, not great, pay an excellent benefits. But even with great benefits, I’ve had a little misfortune causing me to rack up several thousand in medical bills that I’m slowly paying off. I also have a fairly expensive hobby (triathlon).

It’s not a minimum wage job, tho. It pays half that. When you speak of taking equity out of your car, you are putting zero value on your time and labor. We are being exploited by Uber.